The Work

Before dedicating me to the work of I interchange medinico was frequenting a house for reasons that I judged I was external me and that after decided they moved away to me total from this space. However the support and the aid that we receive? I and my mother had been so important for the guiding and solution for the presented question – also the agreement of that the fact had to see with me, I not only am that I decided to start to try to understand this all I assist, and that soon later that it deixarred a carne very well attended spiritual, it is that I started to study and to frequent the House assiduamente. is in this point that I want to make the first comment. I believe firmly that when arriving at this house I could, initially without perceiving, to reattach bows so strong spirituals they had taken that me to cover ways that it never judged was capable. E, thus to the few I was (reverse speed) combining the experiences that it esteem, never could be habitual my life. from there, I was take fancying to that could bind the house to me, to the study and consequentemente to the work and the learning, of which until today, about 10 years, I feel and for which on I want to dedicate for all the life. In other words, what I want to say is that everything to happen in fact needed to have affinity and tunning, devotion and pleasure, linking and intention. Consequentemente I could then perceive that it was in this house and only in this? it had never felt no interest previously with no experience of this nature, is that I could (reverse speed) be known spiritual and for option conscientious only in it is that I exercise all my possibilities medinicas, because I understand that this choice is fruit of an action supported and despertada for my linking with the Alto.E when continuing with the story, I want to strengthen that from there, I was to disponibilizando me to the few with the groups? initially for the study and more later for the work that started to appear for my bashful possibilities.

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