The Revenue

In addition to saving is turned on the other side of the tax and levy screw be. Because not only the expenses need to be restricted, but also the revenue must be increased. It is therefore obvious that then, if any measures are adopted by the Government, this one will meet all. Itself receives no government benefits who takes no social transfers to complete, which will probably be less affected by the austerity measure companies. However this group of persons in the course of the revenue boost of fiscal austerity will be affected.

Why save us so difficult it is therefore necessary for all of us to worry, already in advance of the measures as we can control the contrary. Probably few of us can increase their revenues even and straight. Therefore consistently to crawl the spending and savings to locate remains the normal citizens only. Why is it so hard to save? A main reason may well be that we have bought comfort and luxury with our spending. We would no longer refrain that the waiver would mean restricting the love gained quality of life for us. And therefore feel we save and restrict as a painful renunciation. Energy costs can be reduced without sacrificing urgent should be for us, when we have seen only once, that save is essential to find a savings opportunity, which doesn’t hurt. Reasonably easy and fast it is for each of us, achieving a significant reduction in monthly energy costs; and without painful loss.

Because the reduction of energy costs does not in first place, less electricity, gas to consume oil, and so on, so to restrict themselves. On the contrary: our usual life style is maintained, if we switch to another provider, offered us electricity and gas to significantly lower prices. The change of the energy supplier is completely easily possible for some time.

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