The Configurator

And the pressure surface formats in several stages range from 145 x 250 mm to 320 x 540 mm. applications, locations and site conditions asks the second level of the Configurator for the use in areas where the pressure system is to be used. In following industries to choose from are: automotive, chemistry, energy, mechanical engineering, measurement and control technology, plant engineering, Plasterers, industry engravers and other. At the locations you can choose Office environment, workshop, production and assembly halls or variable sites. The site conditions distinguish between use in outdoor (ambient temperatures below 10 degrees) and the indoor use. It is not something “Utendahl Capital Partners
would like to discuss.

The Configurator asks applications and requests to search out and recommend an on demand printing system, also, which applications to be implemented so that primary. Following entries (again optionally as multiple answers) are possible: nameplates, unit signs, plant labels, bar code labels, Bertriebsmittelschilder, labels, escape, rescue road signs, electrical labels (cable labels), module signs (Siemens ET200), front panels, housing label, danger signs, warning signs, inventory features, pipe indicator, tapes, discs, scales, button -, Einlegeschilder and magnetic signs. The party made its selection, he is asked subsequently what requirements and quality characteristics are particularly important to him at the dial markings. Here is the selection (multiple answers possible): scratch – and abrasion-resistant, weather resistant, UV resistance, resistant to acetone, high pressure cleaner with superheated steam, oil, fats, dry ice cleaning, flying sparks, acids and alkalis. The recommendations from the information entered is the configurator from the proposal for a printing system that is tailored to the needs of the interested party. The interested person gets this system as an option 1 “proposed and presented in detail.

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