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International system for labeling systems, units and equipment of a power plant that is PPS since the 1980s the standard marking system, developed in a working group of the VGB dining with employees of various companies of the power plant technology and is in most power stations in Europe and South Africa used. Hear other arguments on the topic with Parasol Limited. Inside the CCP power indicator system 3 marking types: process identification, location marking and space marking. 2007 Began with the progression to the RDS-PP, which is currently used for wind turbines. Since 2010 is an overhaul with new specifications for generating oxide ante, CO2 conditioning and capture of CO2 and more new specifications and changes. The technical documentation of power plants and power plant components provides the Basidaten for the design, commissioning and maintenance, often the KKS power plant indicator system must also be adapted to a company-specific nomenclature, is also fixed in a court Documentation organization fault to avoid can be essential. PPS 2-day seminar presents the KKS power plant indicator system on 18-19 March 2014 in the Haus der Technik, food.

The head, Dipl.-ing. Wolfgang Nacke, worked out the structure of the indicator species of the PPS system and provides a rapid and ggu. Self-study enormously time-saving orientation for their use in conventional power plants, combined cycle and photovoltaic systems, biomass power plants and waste incineration plants. The learned is absorbed by practical concrete exercises.

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