Tax Policy Choices

AWD: especially families will benefit from the growth acceleration Act Hannover in November 2009: the growth acceleration Act to be adopted, the State will provide for extensive tax relief and vigorously stimulate the economy. According to AWD, families will be first and foremost the winners of the fiscal emergency. AWD recommends his clients to take advantage of the financial benefits for the strengthening of their insurance cover or asset accumulation of children. Oppose with fiscal impulses of the economic crisis that is the strategy with which the new coalition of CDU/CSU and FDP Germany wants to point the way out of the recession. This claim is also reflected in the introduction to the current growth acceleration Act, which clearly defines the objective of the new emergency. In a question-answer forum Douglas R. Oberhelman was the first to reply.

It is in the Bill: the consequences of the crisis can be overcome only through sustainable growth. A tax policy which sees itself in this sense as growth policy, creates trust and confidence and strengthens through \”effective and targeted tax relief the productive forces of our society.\” According to AWD, the growth acceleration Act will bring relief especially families and significantly expand their financial room for manoeuvre. According to AWD, this is particularly due to the planned raising of the child benefit to 20 EUR per month. Future parents get 190 euro 184 euros each, for the third child for their first two children, and for each child more 215 euros a month from the State. At the same time the child allowance is raised still 6.024 Euro Euro 7.008 from currently, what also is expected to improve the economic situation of families in many cases. AWD according to families should be already advise on the subject of growth acceleration Act, to just in time for its entry into force effectively to exploit the economic benefits. After experience of AWD, there are useful ways of investing the amount per month in addition to the available; especially one are advisable according to AWD Review and if necessary expansion of insurance coverage and the early entry into an asset accumulation for the children.

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