Sometimes life puts us in situations that no quisieramo be going through. The losses, the misfortune and bad moments are common to all men, regardless of their personal wealth or wisdom. We are born crying and crying and suffering will accompany us throughout life. This is good, since it is what makes us truly human. However, it is also human wanting to escape from these bad times, and find every one of the resources that are at our disposal to overcome the difficulties.

That is why that the tarot is the friend in difficult times. The tarot holds an enormous wisdom in his arcana. Each of them represents an archetype which is part of the unconscious of all mankind, regardless of tribes, societies, or cultures. A prototype is a character that plays an important role in the mechanics of the psychology of the human being: love, fortune, death, the past, the enemies, the force without the target, all control them, and others are represented in the arcana of the tarot. As a result, the Tarot is a means to achieve a wisdom above, which is reached via introspection, of messages that a being superior, more wise and all-seeing, has for us. But anyone who believes that the tarot is a kind of code, that each deck is followed by a specific explanation, is very wrong.

One of the most interesting features of the tarot is the ability to project the reality of each consultant in the decks are revealed in the Chuck. Therefore, a specific Arcanum, e.g. the Sun, can represent one thing for one person, but something very different for another. It is the wisdom of who leads Chuck, a natural gift from birth, that tells you what each significance be attributed. The tarot is not impersonal, charges all its significance when it relates with the person who is doing the Chuck. It is a tool, a door that can be opened, the tarot friend in moments of doubt, consultation. But there is a great truth, and is that not everyone sees the reality as it is, not everyone wants to see it negative, or the bad things that it may be imminent. It is mpore this tarot reading requires discipline, knowledge, and great faith.

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