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Decoration Key

What should be the modern metal street door? To answer this question, we must first think about what features and qualities required of the door. First and foremost there should be mentioned, Of course, the function of protecting the owners and the very premises from intrusion. Secondly, it is usually reliable. That is, the door mechanism should work in any conditions, easily opened and closed by key. Otherwise, malfunction of the castle could end pretty big trouble for the owners of the apartment until you call the moe for the cracking of a metal door. Since, for obvious reasons assistants means a door lock jammed neutralize simply unrealistic. And if the castle will be a snap mechanism, you may end up by the fact that the apartment can remain enabled stove or iron. And then even before the fire nearby.

And finally, the third most important criterion by which selected door is their ability to prevent the infiltration of cold air into the apartment. And of course we should not forget about this aspect this issue, as aesthetics. Because input access door – it’s the first thing visitors see, coming to his new friend. And if it will be a crooked construction of corners, and iron sheets, the first impression is will certainly be ruined. And welcome, as is well known for their looks, and has already seen off by the mind. And by the owners of the apartment would not want every day to deal with something similar.

To avoid this, before buying the doors are not also want to make as it were, a portrait of the ideal door, which I would like to see in your doorway. So, first of all, the door design must be rigid enough. That is an ideal frame for the existence of such a construction, as kontrrama, which means pin fastened directly in the doorway, it is necessary. Since this is the basic design can withstand the load. The second important element in giving to the door stiffness, are the edges of the profile or corner. On their relative sizes and sheets are created the same framework, which provides resistance to oust the door. With respect to security doors, there may be at least two options types of locks that are best able to cope with such a function. This is a lever or cylinder locks. The first type of lock can be identified by a massive body and a big key, with complex patterns grooves. Crack a lock is very difficult. Its main drawback is that in case of loss of key change will have the entire castle. Less resistant to cracking, but much more practical cylinder lock. The principle of his actions based on the fact that the locking mechanism so to speak, led by quantity, in which there are grooves for the key. In the case of loss of key lock all change is not necessary. No less important function of the door to keep warm, and not allow apartment provided by the availability of good insulation. Which is located on the edge of the door frame, as well as on the edge of the door frame. In terms of aesthetics, too, there are many options for how make, for example steel double doors as attractive as possible. The most expensive way to finish the door inserts are made from valuable types of wood.