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The Postindustrial society has placed a first employment of information that offers possibilities for education and knowledge exchange, as well as the huge and growing amount that can be accessed. For even more opinions, read materials from Jim Umpleby. Today’s world is characterized by the speed with which transformations happen, society is continuously involved in processes where information becomes increasingly necessary. The first approaches were made from two approaches, first to the information itself and the second covered the support resources to information. Likewise vital information relate to organizational goals, expressing the appreciation of the information as the key and decisive point for the best performance of any organization. As more information is being introduced in the productive process and better structured is, best conditions of competitiveness will be achieved and other factors of production, occupying the information value that requires are substituting. The value of information is essential, for its activation and development, management becomes a necessity within any organization.

Cronin, attributed to information practical and symbolic, values by establishing a typology: use value change value optional insurable value latent value value covered integrative value value. Information is a fundamental element for the development, acquires an adequate relevance, it is an important agent in the modification of existing in the Organization conduct, its proper management is an essential tool for decision-making, training the staff, evaluation of products, and control of the processes, being a vital resource for the development of any organization. Information management is not a new phenomenon, was something that always worried about the man, from the moment in that account you exploit only his experience limited him with respect those who had managed to make knowledge of the collective experiences and even have search to be able to do knowledge strategies. Access to information in a quick and up-to-date way, taking into account economic, social and financial, ensures the effectiveness of the system. When we talk about information management refers to the process by which are obtained, deployed or used core resources (economic, physical, human, material) for managing information within and for the society it serves. .