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RF Government

If you are a citizen and bought a car only for personal, family, household purposes not related to business activities, in accordance with Federal Law "On Protection of Consumers' You consumer, which gives you some important legal benefits, which are slightly lower. The question of which we speak today – return the car to the seller. How to return the car? First of all, you must decide what car in terms of the law. Thus, in accordance with the RF Government dated 13 May 1997. 575 car properly called a "motor vehicle" and is included in the list of technically sophisticated products. Car, as all the other things that you buy a commodity, ie thing that the seller sends the buyer to perform the contract of sale.

The quality of the goods by the general rule established by law, must at the time of transfer You match the quality of the goods specified in the contract of sale. To submit any claims of quality car, you need to detect in him a lack of which had not been bargained for by the seller. This is an important basic condition. In other words, the car should break down, and you should notice it. Federal Law "On Protection of Consumers' lack of distinction between good and substantial disadvantage of the goods. Lack of product – or the lack of conformity mandatory requirements set forth by law or in the established order, or contract terms (in their absence or incompleteness of the conditions usually required conditions), or the purposes for which goods of this kind commonly used, or goals, of which the seller has been informed consumer when making the contract, or the sample and (or) a description of the sale of goods on the model and (or) in the description.