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Electricity Production

"Flushing is possible and banknotes," he wrote in his time Mendeleyev, referring to the irrational use of oil as fuel. The search for alternative energy sources has become one of the main problems of economic development States. For more information see Howard Schultz. Using waste can significantly save energy and natural resources, reduce pollution and create a large number of additional jobs. Waste timber, chemical plants, processing agricultural products, peat, printing, food processing and textile industries can be transformed into high quality fuel raw materials. Briquettes and Granules are meant to be burned in furnaces, fireplaces, greenhouse, rail transport, factory boilers and chp, in factories, where there are plants operating on solid fuel. Wood briquettes and pellets are also used in as a process raw materials on hydrolytic and biochemical factories for the production of tannins in tanning-extraction plants.

Currently, electricity production is based on non-renewable energy sources – mainly hydrocarbons, such as gas, oil and coal. On non-renewable energy sources in total accounts for about 92% of the global energy balance, the renewable energy – about 3.4%. The problem of alternative energy is very important. One of the most popular destinations are "pellets" or "pellets" – a normalized cylindrical pressed product from the waste and residual wood, such as: flour from work Sawing machines, chips and remnants of forest wood and briquettes. Pellets and briquettes are made exclusively from natural raw materials, without using any additives and binders. The use of briquettes as an alternative, environmentally clean and efficient fuel, in our opinion, very promising.

Manufacturing Equipment

Forming equipment manufactured by our company – it faltseprokatnye machines for work on construction sites, machines for the production of ventilation, roof slopes, beak, etc. Used to our advantage plant manufacturing technology provides a full cycle: from the purchase of materials and components to the installation of electrical and painting the finished product. Faltseprokatnye machines oao mmz 3 is primarily reliability and high quality of products, blanks. Machines are equipped with additional rollers for rolling of different profiles. The equipment produced by our company is simple to service, flexibility and mobility. Raw material for faltseprokatnogo machine can serve as either sheet metal or rolled metal made of galvanized steel, polymer-coated steel, copper and aluminum. – faltseprokatny machine is a mobile construction and industrial equipment mainly intended for the manufacture of straight sections duct and ventilation systems can also be used in construction technologies – roofing, slopes, low tides, lighthouses, etc.

Thus, getting our Forming Equipment – faltseprokatny machine you get not just construction equipment and modern technology production seam ventilation and supplies of building materials. And as you know for success in any business is very important productivity and, therefore, due to the fact that the sheet metal is rolled through profiling Rollers, Socket with locking can be done easily double the ideal geometry (which is a manual method is very problematic), as well seam connection with a mechanized method of production has several advantages: compliance with the dimensions, radii, unlimited length, etc. However, please be aware that Forming Equipment (faltseprokatny machine) to work with folded compounds developed by our company with the required specifications to satisfy the peculiarities of Russian consumers. In connection with this machine has enhanced faltseprokatny (foldable) frame, a reliable point of attachment (adjustable legs), eyebolts for ease of movement, easy to use and at the same time is protected from unauthorized access. For works on our equipment does not require specialized training, enough to pass a short Course unit roll forming machine and work on it.

Alexander Dvorkin

Similar homes equipped with lifts in ancient times, the more recent historical structures note the freight elevator at the Summer Palace of Peter I. 'Simple to use and reliable electric hoists, for example, bkg, does not require a special shaft and fastened to the floor and floor slabs. Electricity they consume a minimal amount, the customer's request can be completed with lights and 'warm' flooring. Lifting mechanisms of this class – from five to 300 kg, but most popular among owners of cottages used machines, capable of moving cargo up to 50 kg ', – says Alexander Dvorkin, ceo of' Radial-Service '. If space is not enough, however, want to automate the descent into the underground garage, establish a car lift. This may be an elevator that can deliver to a place not only the car but the driver and the passengers, or platform that moves a vehicle. Given equal technical conditions platform costs about two to two and a half times cheaper. time – money Lift should be provided even in the design of the cottage: it is necessary to take into account the location and dimensions of shafts, static and dynamic loads, and many other factors, such as power lift mechanism (1,5 kW).

During the design phase the developer can analyze the different price offers and choose the most suitable option. Install the same elevator in an existing house – not an easy task. Construction of the building to investigate, while receiving positive results. Then, in places where it will take mine, must be strengthened floors, hold a number of other technical activities.