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Contact Base For Blackberry

Here we can also create folders and subfolders. Moreover, the filters are a powerful and excellent way to save time. Through them, the e-mails are automatically archived in their respective folders. According to Ben Horowitz, who has experience with these questions. And avoid the large volume of emails in the inbox. Then quickly identify our priorities and we can read post less important when we have the necessary time. Backup or backups, something that does not require much explanation. These machines can fail.

A frequent backup routine, even lazy to give us, is very important! The agenda is the agenda that we handle manually or by computer, time management is a critical activity for anyone in search of success. Ideally, we need to schedule everything. Not only meetings but also activities we do on our own (this includes time to read and respond to e-mails to check, to work on specific projects, for managing, archiving, etc.).. General Organization Have a list of tasks to perform is always good. Moreover, I suggest having more than one list. A small system is the ideal guide: a list of daily tasks, one of the monthly tasks and also a list of ideas. Record everything is essential. As you mention me, have a reliable system in which to record all outstanding matters greatly reduces stress levels and allows only worry about the specific tasks that must be made at that time.

Moreover, all we can systematize is an excellent technique. Should develop and identify the processes, policies, forms, etc.. business in advance. Some examples include: Billing: Define what day of the month bill and mark it on the agenda on a recurring basis. Payments: establish a routine and schedule deadlines. Documentation general design standard contracts, sales letters, spreadsheets, etc.. we will use in the business. Examples might be ready a client registration form, a list with all our data to send to our customers or suppliers, etc. .. Contact Base: papers and slips very important point: our contacts. All adhere to the great importance of networking in any business. However, in reality fall to record names and numbers on paper, papers, paper napkins, etc.. Knowing what to do with them is essential. Whether we handle our base of contacts through e-mail program, the “Palm”, the “Blackberry” or any other system, get used to put all those pieces of paper (that surely will!) In one place, always a good practice. Agenda for at least 10 minutes once a week and process them, loading them into a database would be ideal. It takes only 21 days for something becomes a habit. Therefore, we do this effort to three weeks and we never lost touch! I hope these tips help you organize better.