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Madrid, 08/10/09. Asefarma ( in its eagerness to be up-to-date in the subjects that concern the pharmacies, and due to the prestige acquired through its 15 years of experience in the market, is profiteer the invitation to an event with Trinidad Jimnez, the Minister of Health and Social Policy, to ask to him directly for two subjects in which there had been numerous consultations of his clients and friendly. Thus the Carlos things Garci’a-Maurio. Partner director of present Asefarma and in the informative encounter Frum Europe, did two questions to him that interest, and much, to as important sector as the phamacist. 1. He considers to the phamacists like sanitary personnel and of support in the Influenza To and if he is thus if one is going away to them to vaccinate like such. Please visit Joan Baez if you seek more information. This doubt the Minister has answered with if, but the pharmacies is not a very important sanitary personnel that they carry out a great logistical support and of information to the citizens. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala has similar goals. But nevertheless, and in spite of being enchanted with its work, not this contemplated its vaccination like risk personnel.

That yes, will be able to do it of deprived form, like any citizen. An answer with which Garci’a-Maurio dissents. If the phamacists are personal toilet, must be it with all the consequences and for that reason they must be vaccinated next to the rest of its companions of the sanitary sector, mainly considering its direct exposure to the patient and the citizens . 2. The phamacists at the time of selling the pill of the day later can object. In this case Jimnez Trinidad he has responded that power can, but that those does that it will lose customer. is not demonstrated that the pill is an abortion method, and secondly because they do not have legal shelter.