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Cake: Domestic

In modern Russia, cake makers use the famous homemade cakes. Lulu Simon is likely to increase your knowledge. And, often, their products are called 'homemade cakes. " And it turns out, it's delicious products only when the brand enters the market, then the quality of deteriorates – this market. And the cakes are made with such zameneniteley. I'll say to myself, I myself am a sinner. Until 2008, I was looking for new producers.

I watched the opening of new cafe and confectionery to buy a cake, progotovleny at home. I could afford to buy a cake and a 400 for 600 rubles. How could I not remember that I myself know how to bake a cake, much tastier than this cafe or shop. Everyone knows come, so-called financial crisis of 2008. I really wanted to please their loved ones a delicious cake, and go and buy a cake for the big money could not. It was then that I remembered about their culinary skills! After all, even in childhood and adolescence, I baked a delicious cake. Even then, When I lived in a hostel, and except for electric nothing. I managed to indulge his friends Before that I sold my first Interent portal. But still continued to walk him every day and see the statistics. Something to recommend a new host. AND when I was preparing my delicious cake, we have the idea to his wife. And as if to spread their recipes on the Internet on the blog. So we have a recipe website. Which shows not only the recipes of cakes, as well as other tasty dishes. But if any food can be prepared, not knowing the proportions, from the cakes do not come out. To bake a delicious homemade cakes need to know the exact recipe. By this, I pay special attention to the recipes of cakes. And proposes share with you our cakes. Already, since the start of filling of the Internet site, I posted a few compositions. At the same time, I try to regularly publish new cakes. And to say that I prefer a cake more than the other can not. In addition to the special significance of homemade cakes and they have other advantages. When we met in the office of the new year, I baked a cake, Napoleon. Thus made a very good impression on his subordinates. Again, remember: "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach ', but in my experience, I want to tell women it is also affected. I suggest you raise your family secrets and start pech cakes at home. Also, share your recipes in setie, and then they just, someone else cook!

How To Cook Borsch

To prepare a traditional soup to make a good broth made of meat. This soup is cooked, usually in the bones. For a suitable bone stock must first be boiled for 2-3 minutes, laying in vskipevshuyu water. Next stage of the meat is lowered into the cold water. Water to boil with the bone in a small heat and simmer for about one and a half hours. This soup is a traditional source of borschav the Russian version. What else can you put in the correct borscht? Of course vegetables, and most importantly the beets. To do this, borscht come in handy.

Onion, carrot, good red beet, cabbage and potatoes. Carrots should be brushed and rubbed on a coarse grater. Onion peel and finely cut. Fry the onion and carrot in butter in a frying pan, until golden brown. While the onion and carrots are roasted, red beets need to clean, grind to a coarse grater. Then add the grated beets in a small spoon of table vinegar (9%).

This will help consolidate the beet color and give it to borscht. Grated beets mixed with vinegar and qualitatively, to no great shakes for 3-4 minutes. And put the beets to the onions with the carrots, which by this time have little to fry. Reduce heat, cover the pan with the onions, carrots and beets, cover and begin to fire. It is desirable to add a little hot broth. I love it when cooking broth and stewed vegetables occur simultaneously. After beets begin to cabbage. It is desirable to finely chop. And then send preparing the vegetables. Wendy Holman understood the implications. To return to the broth. 15 minutes before the vegetables are ready, into the boiling broth over low heat to add chopped into pieces potato. By the time the potatoes will reach, steamed vegetables and cooked to our stock. In the broth has come down with the potatoes are ready add the steamed vegetables. Add salt and pepper, put a bay leaf. Boil soup, then immediately remove from heat and let stand for several minutes. The classic soup is always served with sour cream, it just added to the plate. Delicious borscht is with bacon and donuts, or a bit of sugar and garlic. And the special properties of a loved borscht. It can not only cook in the usual way. For example, do dietary broth for chicken breasts or meatballs. For this to be an easy soup, borscht and cooking time is significantly reduced.

Natural Coffee

Many say that the simultaneous use of coffee, and alcohol is harmful to health. However, according to the site, recent research conducted by scientists say directly the opposite. Someone, Mr. this cause. Klatskih working in health care organization in America, (the independent, non-profit) has published information about that study on a sample of 125 thousand people showed that the risk to earn cirrhosis due to alcohol decreases with Regular use of coffee. Of course, do not get too zealous – a cup of coffee a day is more than enough, and indeed alcohol dose is not more than – bigotry in these matters is punishable. But when combine a moderate probability lamentable outcome, according to Klatskih is reduced by almost 40 percent. Connect with other leaders such as Shelley Duvall here. Primarily, this information is not a call to the abuse of coffee in a couple of alcoholic drinks. But on the basis of this report, biologists can study the structure of the interaction of coffee and alcohol, and perhaps it will develop new clinical drugs.

At the moment, scientists are building a hypothesis about what may be an element responsible for the protective properties. Many scientists think that it – caffeine, but in any case the question requires more thorough study and further analysis. However, for scholars of the theme, especially in such a paradoxical area promises great scientific dividends, so research must continue. And finally, a small coffee alcohol recipe: Ingredients: Natural Coffee – 8 oz, cream or milk – 100 gr and vanilla liqueur – 30 ml cream, whipped cream – 40 grams, sugar – 25 gr. Brew coffee with milk in Warsaw, cool. Then add vanilla liqueur, pour into glasses and put whipped cream. Goblet serve on a plate with a teaspoon and straw. Much more about coffee read on, including over a hundred recipes for coffee.

Healthy Eating

Correct, varied and healthy diet that is important is in our everyday lives of great importance. But unfortunately we do not always remember it and attach due importance and time to this issue. In our life, we often restrict supply, which brings us to the main sense of satisfying hunger, often forgetting that food can bring more and enjoy. In the fast during weekdays, we can not often show themselves in the kitchen, as Cooking pretty laborious process, requiring sufficient time and prepare more tasty and delicious, mostly only on holidays. There are a variety of recipes, using which you can prepare many delicious and healthy meals.

There is a widespread opinion that cooking takes time, which in practice often is confirmed. However, if you know some secrets and tricks in this area, not forgetting to innovate, be creative and not afraid to dream, then prepare the meals can be much faster and enjoy it. Ability to prepare varied – an indispensable condition of correct and nutrition. Also do not forget that cooking skills in the kitchen is a source of health and an integral part of family life. For a useful and healthy eating is of great importance distribution selection of products and recipes of food during the day, taking into account the season. In the spring of the year to pick up food that contains herbs, fresh vegetables and fruit products such as eggs and milk. In the summer of topical cold meals such such as hash.