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He Subdues The Dragons

Portrait of a very successful 3-man keel boat unit class, which is still appealing for racing and cruiser. Get all the facts and insights with Kate Tucci, another great source of information. The timelessly elegant Dragon celebrated his 80th birthday last year, without losing popularity now. The renowned Norwegian designer Johan anchor drew the lines of the Dragon in 1929 and won a contest with this design of the Royal Swedish Yacht Club for a low-cost, safe, and easy to segelndes boat for young and ambitious sailors families. But obviously, at the time not only the judges were impressed, because the Dragons immediately began to conquer the hearts of sailors around the world, and he does it until today. From 1948 to 1972 was the Dragon Olympic boat class, 1960, Crown Prince Constantine of Greece won the gold medal, 1964 of the sail maker and founder of the North group Lowell North the bronze medal.

Among other things the reputation of Dragon class as the \”King class\” of the modern profession is based on this time. But the Dragon enjoys continued rising even after the Olympic era Popularity. The impressive combination of safety, friendly crew sailing qualities and timeless appearance has secured a unique place in the hearts of many yacht sailing around the world the \”Bugatti of the sea\”. Today the Dragon is one of the most sailed keel boat classes of the world with the numerically strong fleets in Europe, North America and the southern hemisphere in Australia and New Zealand. Taken together, more than 1,500 boats in 27 Nations from 5 continents at the International Dragon are Association, international class Association of the Dragon sailors, registered. The boat class with the mythical beast breathing fire is nowhere as successful as in this country. It is \”difficult to sail\”, a dragon says the reigning world champion Thomas Muller. \”The sail area is relatively small and the body pretty hard.\” Who wants to be here faster than the competition, needs a lot with sensitivity.