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Zatula Alexander

Hello dear friends! Have a nice time of day. With you Zatula Alexander, and today we talk about the proper preparation of semolina mash. I suggest to you today is the easiest option of cooking, which is not give you trouble, time consuming, but the simplicity of preparation are not out of the question. In his fishing practice I have often had to adjust to the fish, it is sometimes very whimsical, and heard about it every angler. There are times when the fish does not want to any bait, especially if it rejects the offer goodies, making us look for it with something new.

5 years ago I discovered for myself this miracle bait so cunning inmates of our water expanses with you, we are talking about the "monkey" Yes! yes, about that same semolina, which is a child we feed our moms. And so begin-with, perhaps! Actually semolina in our time with you can get without a problem, is only just walk, ride well, or to the nearest grocery store and buy it. I want to note that you can not always get in the summer or that a live bait well, if you still want to spend a little cash for her purchase of a forward! On average, a jar with a live worm, you give 50p or higher, depending on what and how jars of bait in it. Per kilo of semolina you give about 30R. AND unknown whether the worm more attractive today. So, you already went to the store or supermarket and bought those goods which you are interested in us. Get ready for a run and blow water, but do not forget to. Arriving in water, and dress your gear, you ask the question "what's next? "Oh, nothing! Look for more dishes (capacity) under the semolina! And you're so happy, having found the dishes, open the package with semolina, pour it in a container! Aha! A How much should it go empty, in order to obtain a homogeneous mass? To this question I have such a view: sypte as much as you see fit, but no more otherwise it's a waste transfer and cereals.

So we poured as much as we need for fishing, now we need to breed her little water from the reservoir in which we are going to catch (or in any way dilute the semolina with water taken from your home, since they are mainly chlorinated, it is strongly frightens the fish, bait and you just hurt). Then we start our mix semolina with water, REMEMBER: semolina should not contain lumps. Avoid formation of lumps can be taken with water from a reservoir + hard work of your hands, mix the whole thing with the sticks (preferably wood). How do you know that our manochka ready? A simple, stir it up to a creamy consistency. Well, now your ready to semolina, remained the case for small! Dressing should be clockwise around the shank of your hook. Then do a throw in perspective, you lured place and enjoy a bite!