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Story Time At Home Vacheron Constantin

In 1755, the clock is a work of art, a sign of wisdom, an instrument of knowledge. Issued limited series watch ‘Jean-Marc Vacheron’ in great demand among the French and Italian aristocrats. Despite the fact that Swiss Vacheron Constantin watches have been known for more than two centuries, history has preserved of their creator only fragmentary and contradictory information. Significantly, we probably only know the year the company was founded – 1755. Nobody then unknown Geneva watchmaker Jean-Marc Vacheron, together with his friend and disciple named Constantin opened in the quarter of Saint Gervais, a small workshop.

By the way, to get started, which led to what today Vacheron Constantin watches the whole world knows, and turn over tens of million, the founder had to take a local bank 1000 in silver, which was at that time solid money. The competition then was great, and their watches Vacheron Konstantin began to produce, proving that he is – the best in the competition is not less than 800 other master craftsmen. Choosing the direction of the company Vacheron Constantin, her boss made a bid for elegance and style, but because after a short while brand has become quite popular not only among French, but also among the Italian aristocracy. A combination of impeccable quality products with irrepressible energy of the watchmaker, who managed to organize an unusually ambitious for the times advertising campaign, has led to that stylized Maltese cross, which became a symbol of the company in 1880, became famous throughout the world. However, it is not surprising. After all, the motto “Do better if possible, and perhaps it always’, the company Vacheron & Constantin has not changed ever.

Under the leadership of Abraham Vacheron, a son and a receiver, Jean-Marc, watches firms ‘Vacheron’ were represented in all major stores in Europe. In 1819, 9 years after Jacques Bartolomei Vacheron took over the family business, Francois Constantine, a successful businessman and a tireless traveler, has joined the firm. In 1955 the company raised the prestige of his watch to unprecedented heights and sell their products already v110 countries. In the same year the company launched mechanical watches with a thickness of only 1.64mm mechanism. In 1970, a new world record was set clock ‘Kalista,’ the most expensive in the world for hours, in which the creation of only one case it took 140 grams of gold, adorned with 118 hours Diamonds on their establishment took 6.000 hours, and their price was $ 5,000,000. Creating a collection of ‘Kalla’, clock, hour and minute repeater, perpetual calendar with date, day, month and moon phases, also was a big achievement of the firm. Here you will find a wide selection of replica watches of famous models of Swiss originals which are of high quality performance, reliability and attractiveness. Today the clock is a single of the main men’s jewelry, which can afford to suit everyone.

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Marilyn Monroe

All of us at New Year wait for miracles. Magic mood and expectation of a miracle begin to live in the soul before the holiday. All of us, somehow, preparing for the most important night, when a chiming clock dearest, beloved and close people are welcome to exchange gifts. How not to be mistaken with a choice and make sure that was a pleasant surprise? Of course, the best option when possible to secretly find out what I would like to find under the tree. But if doubts remain, we can use the generic methods and not to be trapped.

Articles of precious metals, accessories and just jewelry – perhaps a good idea for New Year's gift. In fact, such things you can give a very close person and as an official gift boss. The main thing – to make the right choice. Remember this famous line of Marilyn Monroe: "Diamonds – girl's best friend." (New "Friends" – diamond jewelry – there are a collection of jewelry L'ACCENT, and such a gift will tell the girl about the most serious intentions of the giver. ) The new "girlfriend" – jewelry for every woman will also be very useful.

For example, choose a set of jewelry for your sweetheart business person, not accustomed to spend time shopping, but keen to make a decent gift, very simple. It's enough to look under the heading "The most fashionable and new decorations. Products with natural stones with natural materials, such as sets of collections moonlicht Nature bjoux of agate and polished horns, fit ladies medium age.