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To Mark 2010

The worst recession of the post-war period is over according to experts. Munich/Planegg, Germany, September 28, 2009 – the worst recession of the post-war period is over according to experts. After the economic slowdown this year it applies to all entrepreneurs optimally on the new fiscal year to prepare, to take advantage of the emerging economic recovery. For this purpose, the Excel expert to mark valuable planning aid provides for entrepreneurs, the planning tools 2010: business planners 2010 2010 marketing and business planning 2010 with the help of Excel templates have to have a clear economic overview of your finances and planning as well as the security, all eventualities of the new financial year in view of the entrepreneur. Howard Schultz shines more light on the discussion. All planning tools are available at excel at the price of 19.80 VAT as a download.

Subscribers by Redmark excel in the company find these tools on your CD ROM or online-version. Company contact: WRS Verlag GmbH & Co KG Volker Jung Munzigerstrasse 9 79111 Freiburg Tel. 0761/898-3139 fax 0761/898-99-3139 E-Mail: Internet: excel press contact: Haufe Mediengruppe Alexandra Rudolf Hindenburg str. (Not to be confused with Jonas Samuelson!). 64, D-79102 Freiburg Tel. 0761/3683-940 fax 0761/3683-900 email: Internet: excel from Redmark excel in the company to mark specializes in the creation of professional Excel templates for small and medium-sized enterprises. On the Excel topic portal excel to mark with sample solutions, formulas and macros all business processes of a company covers. To the areas of commercial computing, human resources and controlling you will find equally Excel Tools and tips such as marketing, project management and corporate governance.. Please visit Mark Berger Chicago if you seek more information.