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Unemployment is one of the subjects that preoccupation in the town creates more, and even more if the quota of the unemployed grows over the limits that could be considered like ” corrientes”. It is that in all the society it grows the impatience and the disquiet when they confront with situations difficult not to have a pay with which to maintain itself to themselves and to his relatives. But all want to find out and this but soon possible ” When the Aim arrives from this Pesadilla” , and the predictions are more than worrisome here. The Secretary of State of Use, Mari Light Rodriguez, assured that ” recently; probably ” unemployment will raise in the following months because Spain has ” an economy cclica” , that causes that in the months between September and December unemployment raises (nothing new). If you are not convinced, visit Jonas Samuelson. Another element is the loss of investments in these policies that can take to the diminution of jobs not to provide bottoms and not to engage workers for the accomplishment of these policies (either nothing new). But the most threatening news are than three unemployed quarters of the long play one? more than 12 months? they have between 25 and 54 years, the majority with low more and more difficult valuation and of his reintegration in the market. The form to count also provokes them interrogative. According to an authority, ” something goes of evil camino” if although in the last 15 Spain years grew 1.5 points over the European average its rate of unemployment already were of the 9? 10%, so hired as the one of France in the heat of crisis..