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Lesson Interception Cope

You ran down the hall and had the indiscretion to ask him "How are you doing?". And now, about 15 minutes you talk about a film that they looked yesterday with his wife. I'd like to get away, but, first, in his speech, there is absolutely no interruptions and secondly, you have fixed the reliability of a button on his jacket, he holds tightly to her, gently lead, as large fish, sometimes a little drawing to yourself your trying to break loose body. Do not lose hope to be lunch at work! He's got to breathe? Must. So the first thing we do – interrupt his speech as he breathes. He said: "I.. (Breath)." You: "By the way … sorry, already late.

So you heard, but do not work, you know. I was glad to meeting. " Ugh. This option is, if he breathes. Unfortunately, the subspecies occurs, the speaker so fluid, and breathing so fleeting that he could not manage to break into this speech a monolith.

In this case, simple tools capture attention. 1. Catch his eye. And the name by name, clearly. "Evpati" (great name, I like it) 2. Then a slight pause (naming lends weight attracts the attention of the interlocutor) and then quietly say. For gain experience in the motor level psychologists recommend to help raise awareness of a slight movement of the head or body. At the same time to carefully release the button or suffering even catch a friendly Evpati pat on the shoulder. After this, smile and move quickly to secure shelter. Subtype: Loudmouth tedious negotiations during the negotiations to run as a not comme il faut, and not profitable. Name in Russian talks active speaker's opponent – is dangerous, (Do not read American books, which glorified the naming of the case and without. Situations of naming on behalf of the talks at the wrong time and with dire consequences, we will consider one from future mailings) in most cases this will cause dissatisfaction of the speaker.


AN image of the existence if matter can assign the epithet of substance. You may be the substance of matter. If the first field is a pure and indeterminate. There is nothing that the foregoing is known of it, however not denied its existence. A matter without measure or form is both more unknown to existence. Reason why we say that the shape is a staple in this kind of studies. Then it will not first, pure and indeterminate. Since the first thing no longer in his being.

And if you speak first, one must speak of first forming the unit with the shape. By what you will lose the first essence of being pure and indeterminate. Because it is already in Act along with the shape that makes it another and determined. Now we can already conceive of another kind of existence. Much better known, more unified in its being unit, because the extent and shape make union with matter.

I refutare myself by saying that the concept of measure is not necessary, since if it possesses form already contains a measure. Thus the matter and the form may be a very existence. As I said that I instructed when to use suitable in my free time. As well as the soul and body are one, matter and form it are single. To conceive the existence of one must conceive the existence of the other. The essence is the existence of this unit, because imagine them joining disfigures the existence. Apparently it is more conceivable to see it as a unit. Post that unit is as he is conceived its existence, and it is precisely this that testifies of his being. But as we human beings is not more easy, start to learn things by their constituent elements, that by those who will show us some and immediately in its entirety.