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Custom-Made Security Doors

In the case where there is a possibility – security doors are available custom-made, directly resulting from the sizes of the opening of the customer. Mostly are extended partitions with openings above the door. The majority of these doorways are found in older homes, new construction, this is not currently used. Learn more on the subject from Citigroup. In the absence of an opportunity to make a window above the door at the plant, close up the gap by placing a flat piece of wood, which sets a bookmark of the blocks – strong and lightweight material quite suitable for sealing the space above the door. Accordingly, the bookmark is too spacious opening the steel door. Learn more at: Michael Antonov. If the width of the opening inadequate or may need to supply a wide input Door Guardian, with an eye to the future, make the extension of opening a steel door. Standard opening extends through the drill, Angle grinder, or saws on concrete.

First, dismantled the old door, after doing is actions with the access opening and only later put to the selected door. Box of metal doors strictly under a level because of this phase will be dependent correctness door vestibule, or – as far as the door leaf can uniformly and efficiently to pretend, as well as proper operation of hardware and their limit of operation, and, accordingly, the duration of the service entrance doors. Scrupulous zapenivanie space between the frame of steel doors and bases of the opening is a prerequisite for installing a steel door. The main elements of a set of mounting block iron door is construction foam. Sealing of special foam gap clearance and door frame is recognized by adding to the good thermal insulation and secure borders by blowing heat. In that case, if you want to be a winner correctly installed steel door, then compliance with such circumstances of course! Checking the operation of the lock mechanism, turntables, and the other accessories is an indispensable and carried out at the finish of the assembly iron doors, before mounting the door leaf.


In the past few years, glazing of balconies and loggias became commonplace, and the reasons for this are many, but chief among them – all the more affordable price. If before glazing with aluminum or pvc was more indicator of financial capacity master room, now it is quite reasonable opportunity to make your house or apartment more cozy, comfortable and practical. Sergey Brin is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Any kind of glass will not only "refine" your balcony or loggia, making them warmer and protect the room from drafts, but at the request of the owner to turn them into the room. Aluminum Glazing Glazing balconies with aluminum is becoming increasingly popular, especially all thanks to the democratic prices. But apart from this there are still a number of obvious advantages of this method of warming a balcony or loggia.

The first is a light-weight designs themselves, which allows glaze even those spaces where installing heavier pvc frames would have been risky. The following "pros" are compactness and aesthetics which, combined with ease makes it possible to install aluminum design "with the removal, widening the space of the room and not spoiling it for its appearance. In addition, due to its softness, aluminum provides a wide scope for the imagination of architects and designers. Plastic glazing main feature glazing frames of pvc is low thermal conductivity and the almost complete sealing derived designs. With this glazing a balcony or loggia temperature even in cold season, and without the use of heating systems will be on average ten degrees higher than outside, so it is this variety and it allows you to constructively join a room with a balcony. The price of plastic glazing, no doubt high, but agree that the opportunity to expand the living space in the apartment is worth more. It should be noted that the warming in this case does not necessarily mean stuffy and lack of oxygen in the apartment: modern fittings, used for mounting of pvc, providing a variety of modes of ventilation, including micro-ventilation, which allows you to maintain optimum room temperature.

Prefabricated Buildings

Our world is growing rapidly. The fact that yesterday was pressing on the pages of science fiction writers of science fiction, today become commonplace and we can not imagine how people could live without these earlier innovations. Probably everyone has heard the lessons of history about the shock Komsomol construction sites where new businesses and the city were built over decades, at the cost of immense human suffering, and even cost lives. It would seem that new technologies may be in construction? People engaged in this business for thousands of years, and all there was simple: stone, brick, board, clay, sand, cement All it had to be connected to each other and the result is ready building a livable or production. Even the breakthrough of the last century in the construction industry involving the use of concrete, could not change the superior quality of construction – namely, the time erection of structures.

Of course compared to the decades of construction of the Pyramids in Egypt, the timing has slowed dramatically, but still for a building takes years. That's the time of construction, and low level of the Unification of construction were the main obstacle to progress in the construction industry. And just at the beginning of this century in this industry occurred a truly unique, revolutionary, technological breakthrough. And it happened thanks to the technology of construction of buildings (BVZ). Construction technology of prefabricated buildings is to use as an entirely new building materials and use has already become traditional, in their organic connection to get the best result. There are several types of structures are: – pre-fabricated modular buildings, when structures composed of several separate modules – block-container that allows you to carry such a building and quickly collect them at the new location. Usually, modules have no internal supports, which significantly increases the area of these buildings.

In addition, the modules provide an opportunity to reschedule the building's specific requirements. Such buildings are not distinguished by special architectural delights, their main purpose is to solve specific practical problems – pre-fabricated modular buildings are erected on site from pre-produced at manufacturing plants design elements, such buildings are erected for longer than modular, they can not be reprogrammed on the fly, but they have a much lower cost compared with the technology of block-containers – Modular Prefabricated buildings from the company Termastil-Rus – hallmark of this type is that the basis of such building is a metal frame. The frame of this building is a flat steel frame, rigidly fixed / hinged on concrete foundations and detachment between a metal struts and run, consisting of a special metal, often used I-beams. Then this skeleton is sheathed sandwich panels made of sheet steel with polymer coating, as used metal roofing or roof decking. Using the technology of prefabricated buildings can be constructed, industrial buildings, residential buildings, hangars, warehouses, shopping centers, sports and exhibition centers, service stations and facilities for special purposes, offices and storage for agricultural purposes, shop for food production, cow sheds and pig and much more.

Elena Semenova

Some manufacturers offer a special system for child rooms, as well as burglar accessories. How is ventilation? You can adjust the flow of fresh air simply by opening the sash, but many companies offer a set for airing Special devices. Inlet valve is able to regulate the volume of air depending on the humidity of the room. Please visit Andreessen Horowitz if you seek more information. Device mikroschelevogo ventilation provides a small gap between the frame and sash for continued access of air into the room. Stretch ceilings Stretch ceiling – "hit sales in recent years. "Tips" associated with their purchase, gives an interior designer Elena Semenova. So, ask the seller: What type of fabrics used? Today, manufacturers are using two materials: the rubberized fabric and pvc film. First, due to the greater width of cloth (3-5 meters), has an important advantage – the absence of a ceiling on the finished joint.

Dimensions pvc film – from 1,5 to 2,5 meters. This leads to the need to weld together two canvases. The disadvantage of seamless ceiling is that in the event of flooding, he can break out of the profile and set it back would have just impossible. Caterpillar may find it difficult to be quoted properly. pvc film is elastic and can withstand up to 100 liters of water per square meter. What is the texture of the ceiling, you can choose? Most wanted: matte, satin and lacquer. Matte for a slightly rough surface mimic whitewashed ceiling. Satin like a painted ceiling and has a completely smooth surface. Lacquered texture due to the mirror surface allows you to visually increase the ceiling height.