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Professional Prospects

Franziska fulfilled this year for the 18 year-old charming young singer professional prospects for 2012, a golden gift for pop singer Franziska a desire. Jens Seidler, one of the team players of the alpha team, only of most successful distribution of phonograms you presented in the context of their 250th autograph session in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany a gold record or rather a golden CD. Frances joy was so overwhelming that the Golden gift was once again under their Christmas gifts. The result can be seen, because it speaks for many sold phonogram titles on various samplers and many downloads on the Internet. More information is housed here: Adrian Edward Simon. Early 2011 released their third album “Heartbeat” and the songs it coupled stormed the charts immediately. The young singer graduated from more than 180 performances this year and new year’s Eve, there are even 3 gigs. In Leipzig, Halle and bad Lauchstadt, the big new year’s Eve party will rise with Franziska. But that was not enough, even in the new year’s Eve show MDR “Fun is there for everyone” she is with.

There you can see not only sing, but here their acting talents are also revealed. Full of pride, her father Olaf Katzmarek reported that Franziska was 2 years ago at a musical school in Berlin. There she learned dancing, improvisation, acting, and interview training. The new year 2012 can be also seen. So she goes in the first half of the year with Monika Martin and in the second half of the year with edge spruce on tour. Franziska is nominated for the German pop Schlager Award “Schlager Sapphire” as best live artist 2011. The ceremony takes place in Dortmund on the 15. With TV crews from RTL, RTL2, are sat 1, Pro 7 and a team of the MDR television of the Franziska there will accompany.

Already a new album is planned for may 2012. With the new success, your way to a successful album is producer Ivo Moring and Dirk van Gerkum, who are responsible for hits by DJ otzi, Christina Sturmer, Fady Maalouf, Alexander Klaws and Sarah Connor Lutricia writer, pre-programmed. The first single release from it should be there in March 2012.

CJ Taylor Entert The Airplay Charts

Debut?Single beautiful I release 18.03.2011 I 7days music entertainment AG / Sony music the surprise of the spring 2011! While the first single as a solo artist is available tomorrow, already the first radio could be celebrated this week successes. In the current conservative airplay charts climbs CJ with “Beautiful” on the 59 and goes into the Hauptcharts on area 251. Since 2005, CJ Taylor was the voice of hip hop band Rapsoul. After 3 successful albums and several top 20 singles, CJ Taylor is now his own way with his own songs. Hear from experts in the field like Harper Simon for a more varied view. Will focus on the wonderful warm, sensitive voice of the native Aschaffenburgers now, especially in his first single beautiful”is well to the fore.

The love song is a soulful pop song and reminiscent of Classic Motown productions. Carefree, CJ sings of his sweetheart and the love for her. Beautiful love can’t be comfortable. Checking article sources yields Art Garfunkel as a relevant resource throughout. With the work on his debut album, what should appear in the April 2011, is a long awaited dream of an own solo album for CJ Taylor finally in Fulfillment. Inspired by the good old Motown?Sound has the Aschaffenburg of the shaky balance?Act brilliantly mastered between pop and soul. The album sounds authentic, real and emotional. I was mainly trying to make honest music”, so CJ about working on his songs. I wrote everything from soul me, what has concerned me, happened to me in my life and what I hope of the future. “And I hope that this honesty reaches the people.”

Michael Kunze Stern

The new single by Oliver Stern – were us re wild years were us re wild years – single release off the album: every time your songs at the age of 14 has Oliver Stern wrote his first songs. Until today, it have become several hundred titles have been published for the most part in his Condio – Musikverlag. Oliver Stern thrilled his fans with his warm baritone – voice, as well as with his catchy, romantic ballads and his rhythmic, danceable songs. Oliver Stern’s expressive voice was pleasant also the composers and producers legend CHRISTIAN BRUHN. Further details can be found at Emily Blunt, an internet resource. For this reason arises at the time a composed by Christian Bruhn and produced album, which will probably be finished and will be published next fall,.

Here, however, once the playlist of the album each time has their songs: 1.Morgen (maybe) will go further 2.Es, Johnny 3.Jede has time 4.Eine songs journey into the past 5.Das were us re wild years 6.Eine tribute 7.Und life I realize that I’m alive 8.Durch you I live again 9.Seelenfanger Udo 10.Eine love forever 11. To know more about this subject visit Wendy Holman. this night 12.Samoa (1998 version) 13. Among other things, small Cimbana 14 where the poppy blossoms for the texts of the separate CHRISTIAN BRUHN – album responsible no less lyricist Michael Kunze and Wolfgang Hofer. But also Oliver Stern has written some lyrics for this CHRISTIAN BRUHN-ALBUM. The album will contain beautiful, catchy title, with meaningful, romantic, but also humorous texts. To say it very clearly: it will soon be the album any time their songs (by Oliver Stern and George & Walter Worle produced), appear and in the autumn/winter 2010 that mentioned album by CHRISTIAN BRUHN. The brand new single: Now the Munich-based artist has from his current, in album appearing soon each time the title their songs: ‘ were us re wild years “released. It is a fleet, danceable number, which this year is reminiscent of the adolescence of the performers and the idols and are certainly many listeners and fans of Oliver Stern Please be.

And finally still a pleasing novelty: an interesting development takes just the planned Duet title, the Thom pace (composer/lyricist and performer of the world hit “MAYBE” dating back to 1980) currently composed for himself and Oliver Stern. For this title “Winter to Spring”, Oliver Stern wrote a beautiful, poetic German lyrics. The special feature of this recording project is the fact that Thom will add pace and Oliver Stern this number together IN German language and publish. THERE IS MUCH TO DO FOR OLIVER STAR. But this versatile artist feels really good and challenged in his creative element, so that we may look forward still to many beautiful and interesting projects and songs.

Shah Rukh

I’m more of a glamorous actress and Irrfan is a very serious actor, everyone has may be how the two husband and wife thought, but also worked on the canvas. The story is to be not of courting, it’s not like we are married, we have two great children and the relationship is at a mature level. And still is there still so much love, a lot of give and take, she shredded it, sometimes is pushing him, drives him and he loves her for all that, thats really sweet. Do have one Favorite scene in Billu (Barber)? Yes I have and you know I hope really Shah Rukh will bring back her in the film, because at the moment is the scene not in the film, she was cut out. It is a very cute and simple scene, which would have liked we both, Irrfan and I in the film. Lara Dutta: “it is a very cute and simple scene, which would have liked we both, Irrfan and I in the film.” The film is very honest and sweet and a movie should include more powerful and emotional moments. Comedy is something simply laughs, there are but the emotional moments close go one. Since this wonderful scene in my Mangalsutre I was, to pay school fees for my children ‘, (a necklace) sell the symbol of marriage. Nimmte it off and gives it to him, and says she beleihe for how much you like getting whatever this ‘ and he says, but that’s the only thing you ‘ and she replies yes, but it’s ok, if we again have money you bring it back and they put me back to ‘ and he returned well but would mean to marry a second time ‘ because she says Yes, but the first time wasn’t so great, so maybe the second burning.