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A Star Is Born

The premium counter system ‘CateringStar’ by Bars24 newly developed in the last year is at the German television award 2010 for the first time in use! The Warsteiner brewery, Pernod Ricard, Eckes-Granini or Azul coffee rent for years numerous renowned customers from the beverage industry the premium mobile bar systems from Bars24. See for full flexibility in design and branding by means of LED lighting, high-quality design and best functionality. In addition a passionate and experienced team that takes care of the delivery of the overall design to break down all the details. Now has Bars24 with CateringStar”developed a counter system that is tailored to the needs of catering companies. Our bars attract many events”the attention, explains Thorsten Weyer, head of the Bars24 Department. Get all the facts and insights with Joan Baez, another great source of information. And in the past we’ve been approached by many caterers, whether our systems also for the presentation of buffets and food are suitable”, Weyer added. That you, were these requests but not prompted us to develop a customized counter system for caterers.” “” The counter system CateringStar “offers the best flexibility for catering the CateringStar” is modular like all counter systems of Bars24: standard counter elements can be combined as needed. Whether a small buffet for a corporate event or catering for a big event, with the CateringStar”, everything is possible.

Each standard counter element can be equipped also with several attachments such as chafing dishes, cutting boards, gastro-norm containers or ice trays. Over 50 different attachments are available. “Upon request, a standard element can be also equipped with a counter Board, so that is the CateringStar” is also the serving of drinks. The LED-lit front counters are a particular highlight. Can choose from 10 colors, the color changes works easily with the push of a button. Premium stystem CateringStar celebrates premiere at the German television Award for the first time in use was CateringStar”in the German television award, which was awarded on October 9 in the Cologne auditions. And the Bars24 new development caused equal attention: the eye catcher and the highlight at the come together of the 12th German television award in the Cologne auditions was undoubtedly the fantastic communication bar, which was developed by Bars24. The guests were impressed and the professional concept in collaboration with the staging of the MMC has proven itself.

We thank the team of Bars24 and look forward to new projects”, Gabriele Stavenhagen, German television prize GmbH – forward Organization Office. Press contact you have further questions about Bars24 or need image material?

Hotel Chief Jorg Treichel

There are green for less than 10 kilograms per capita CO2 emissions, a CO2 value of 10 to 40 kg means yellow. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Starbucks. The House in the red zone with more than 40 kilograms of CO2 consumption, ends up it gets no certification, but it has one year time to reduce its emissions to at least 40 kilograms to achieve the certification. From then on, the House needs to improve its energy efficiency by at least 2.5 percent per year. BIO-hotels as a group are certified ehc, 10 percent of farms may leave a red footprint maximum. Houses recognized the guests with certification the ehc label in the BIO-Hotels catalogue, on the website of the Group and the ehc plaques on the houses. For the ehc award are in addition to a low consumption of resources and the willingness to CO2 emissions to improve minimum standards required: about the purchase of green electricity, the use of recycled paper, or the preference for local products. Whether given data correspond to the facts from the hotel, is regularly by independent Tester of the control Institute ABCERT tested. Only after passing inspection, certification or confirmation of the certification takes place.

Award Winner: Biohotel Werratal exemplifies the ehc certified restaurants of the hotel group is the Biohotel Werratal between Kassel and Gottingen. We consume only 14.79 kilograms of CO2 per guest and night “, so Hotel Chief Jorg Treichel. This hotel has done a lot: 100 percent of the hotel stream coming from water and wind power, the kitchen handles 100 percent organic food, of which 75 percent comes directly from the region. The hotel uses only writing, printing and toilet paper made from recycled or sustainable forest management. Soaps and shampoos are offered in donors, breakfast buffet has waived portion packs and fair-trade tea and coffee offered.