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Limelight Networks

Weakness Infinera is typical for young companies – a critical dependence on a small number of customers. In the revenue structure Infinera 60% fall on Level 3. Another minus – in the face of strong competitors Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco Systems, Huawei Technologies, Nortel Networks, who are able to to resort to dumping without any prejudice to the financial situation. As rightly stated in the prospectus Infinera, competitors have recognized brands and stable relations with customers. Moreover, additional risks emanate of cost Chinese manufacturers, realizing their goods at low prices. Thus, the continued rapid growth of Infinera is critically dependent on the success to promote their products among a diversified portfolio clients. The second company – Limelight Networks – operates on so-called market "content delivery". It is the provider, focused on very large volumes of data, "heavy" content, to which the video traffic multiplayer games.

Structure of Internet traffic in recent years shifted to video (which makes up most of P2P traffic). If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Aqua Vision. It is therefore very high demand for solutions to ensure stable transmission large amounts of data, especially in peak periods such as during the Olympics. Companies benefit from giving such orders for outsourcing, which leads to growth in the market of content delivery, IDC estimated at 500 million About half of its U.S. takes Akamai Technologies, has carried out IPO in 1999. Once the company has survived the collapse of 2000, its shares surged more than 50 times! But the main risk from Akamai to Limelight is not associated with its market position, and with court pursuit of the latter on charges of violating patent laws. Because of this quotation Limelight, attracted in the IPO of 240 million dollars, after the successful launch went down. By the end of June the price was 15.57 dollars compared with 22.18 dollars on closed the first trading day. But in early July in the first round of hearings Akamai lost. Although completely legal debate has not yet been completed, waiting for a positive outcome Limelight length increased significantly, leading to a rebound prices back to $ 22 per share. Best magazine – archive of electronic journals

Cost Articles

Many visitors and customers content – Studies suggest that the main difference between the article, written for three dollars and articles written for $ 10 in greed the second specialist, who just wants to tear them with more money. At the same time, these, as people go to a reception at a cheap clinic, and go to expensive and to the road and a good specialist, hire expensive professionals to repair their apartments, and do not use cheap and outspoken fans in this case. For those unfortunate three dollars, they still want to get their hands on a professional and amateurs do not want to have affairs, the status you see does not allow. Bring small calculations to understand that for three dollars impossible to obtain qualified material. In a copywriter at an average hand search of the material and the development of a short article in 3000 thousands of characters on average takes 3 to 4 hours, but now think for many it will be necessary to write this author of articles valued at $ 3, to provide themselves with decent pay and live a normal life? Hundreds of articles.

Yes, even to just survive to at least write 50 articles a day, multiply by 4 hours 50 articles get 200 hours. The conclusion suggests itself: either the author from whom you make an order, is not interested in money, then you are very lucky or the article is written in the pipeline mode, which does not check for errors and not foreseeing any study of applied information. The only thing that can boast such an article because it is their uniqueness, though it is also questionable. Blame the author for it is not worth it just trying to make money and do not blame you chose him. One would think the error is in the article.

So what say you? This is not the main thing to be a unique and stuffed with keywords, the top can get out, and the rest is not important. So can talk just amateurs and people who do not knowing the specifics of online businesses. If your project is aimed only at generating revenue from display banners can not pay attention to the content. But if you want to receive a decent income from his business, content to your project should be interesting to visitors. Reading the work of conveying the master, they are unlikely to linger long on it. As always it’s up to you. If your primary goal is the rapid filling of the site a huge of content and information content and quality you are not particularly interested in, then work for a penny you will fit. Want to make your project was informative and filled with quality material, prepare to spend a decent funds.