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Organic Skincare Goes High Tech

Professional organic cosmetics from Africa will begin in Germany press release Karlstein, August 1, 2009: esse organic skincare, a bio-cosmetic brand from South Africa, today announces the launch of sales in Germany. About ESSE ORGANIC SKINCARE our goal is to offer the most advanced organic skin care in the world. Esse is committed to the ecological development; We support fair trade and obtain our raw materials from local suppliers when possible. We don’t think that this obligation of good delivery results will deter us. We wish our customers a beautiful and healthy skin – both within a short time and for the next few years.

We do not save on spending to achieve this goal. By the same author: Felicity Blunt. Eat itself required the development of fair trade. Esse is a certified member of PhytoTrade Africa, Africa’s only trade association for the development of fair trade and sustainable cultivation. Emily Blunt contributes greatly to this topic. Esse is an ecological and biological cosmetics certified by ECOCERT France. ECOCERT tests and supervise our production facilities and ensures that our formulations meet their high standards. Esse leads a wide range for the professional beauty treatments and a complete line for consumers: various masks, toner, peels, Reinigungspraperate, face creams, body lotion, serum, facial oil, body oil and makeup remover. Currently, esse organic skincare in United States, South Africa, Netherlands, Sweden, and from August 2009 in Germany is sold.

The distribution starts in 2010 in the rest of Europe. The sale takes place exclusively through beauty salons. In addition, the products through the website are available. Why eat? For our products we use a large variety of African plants, sustainably under fair trade conditions of local communities are harvested and soothe the skin and protect. African extracts and oils from various countries of sub-Saharan including Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, Ghana, Swaziland, Zambia, Angola, Rwanda and Congo. Our principles will apply to all products: no animal tests no animal ingredients no alcohol no parabens no synthetic fragrances no PEGs no synthetic coloring no petrochemical additives no surfactants no propylene glycol we at esse are constantly searching for innovative, natural active ingredients.

Social Attraction

Smell in a special way is a fundamental issue for many women. They do not conform with the natural scent of the skin; they need to have a reference that it makes them more conspicuous, as those who like to use miniskirt or a few bizarre earrings to draw attention. Perfumes women often fulfils that function of social attraction, and that is tapped by many publications and programs to set up discussions on the choice of perfumes and essences. Noteworthy is the fact that various perfumes for women have reached the category of classics, so much so that have the same outstanding reference that have many sunglasses, to put the issue in perspective. For example, the fragrance Chanel No. 5 is one of the best known around the world. Currently, other proposals coming from prestigious houses as Kenzo, Carolina Herrera, among others, make career to become referents forced feminine fragrances. It is somewhat competitive.

It is said that it must be some sensitivity to be able to choose the perfume right man that will take each woman. It is here where comes into play that we have referred in a part of makes two paragraphs. He is said that all women, depending on your way of being and to think, choose a particular perfume. The theme looks really interesting, and can generate all sorts of discussions ranging from the same consistency of perfume so how should be applied. Obviously, this reflects the sense of belonging that many women have developed toward their perfumes of everyday life, or, for very special occasions that warrant it. There are people who think that the perfume is a sort of identification, wake-up call. That some women wear them to mark territory.

This is noticeable in the case of certain ladies that seems, as saying a very popular, it seems that the bottle had been thrown out. Sincerely, also here come to participate truly ethical considerations, which should be analyzed not only from the point of view of fashion, but also in the social interaction as such. Is not a subject that is develop a way too explayante, but you have to consider it. Reference:

The Network

This factor determined if its Web site were good or bad; so a site that counted on 300 I connect aiming towards him, probably it had been considered better than another Web site, at which they only pointed 10 to him I connect. The motors search have changed from those days. Now the motors search give to more importance to the bonds or connections him of similar sites. Its site only connects with other similar sites that are of high quality and. If its site is about how to play golf, then does not have to league together in line to a site on games. It would not have sense for the visitors of his site, and it would not have sense for the motors search. When it realises interchange of commercial bonds with a site of relevance and high quality, it asegrese to specify the place where the connection must be placed, inasmuch as time, and what would have to say.

Often I see people who interchange connections and within days the connected device has lowered the connection. We only make businesses with webmasters of confidence. Advice # 3 – To send your Site to the Directories This is a great way to obtain bonds or connections of high quality towards its Web site. It thinks about a bond to his site as a confidence vote. The directories Web are less popular than the motors search, but the relation with them would help to increase him its ranking in the finders. It is careful with those sites that asked for a payment to him by the presentation; I recommend to him that it begins by those gratuitous directories, since they exist very many in the network. It is important to try to obtain directory specialized or that they have relation with thematic of its Web site.