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Global Telecom Connect

Today it is my first day in Global Telecom Connect and after reading much information on the matter I realized my first obstacle, the organization of the business. After lowering the tools and reading the information I realized which nonwise by where to begin, so my first problem was the layout of an own system to take my business and of not wasting the time. Then picture creates with schedules and strategies to organize work, because I consider that the time is something very important, we cannot waste it since we have a clear objective when just we entered and is to describe. Also it is important that we have personal objectives to short and medium term, this is for my as a form to stimulate to us but, and at the outset is very advisable to have those objectives not to decay in the abandonment. Also we with the information of the training center are vitally important to become qualified in this business, not only to have left, but to read books, to listen to presentations of people who already are successful in this company and to learn of the strategies that they implemented to obtain that success. One of the motivations that I have is to obtain the financial freedom so wished by all the affiliates, but at the same time, also I want to learn other things on this business, as to take a presentation ahead, like enabling to my affiliates, or they are direct or indirect, that is to say, are many things to learn and to undertake in GTC but it is necessary to apply all the learned one so that the business multilevel of its fruits. And furthermore, this business also has something of funny, is a nonconventional work and it is not necessary to sell, since it is not direct sale, is only necessary to apply what other people made to secure the success. That is to say, it is an opportunity of business by Internet, it does not require don’t mention it but that of desire to develop it and to work in equipment.