Synthetic Floor

White and colored windows and doors from PVC has long been part of our lives and decorate not only in offices but also in homes and conventional homes. On what promises to use the advantages of windows and doors from PVC, compared with the old wood, all have long known. I would like to say a few words about how long these can serve as window and door systems. Manufacturers of window systems from PVC profile is seriously testing the quality of its products and studying the question of durability. To test the method was invented by the so-called "artificial aging". In this way, checked a variety of specialized systems with the issuance of the certificates.

Tests of white Profile KBE, for example, show excellent results. Thus, by adjusting the test to 40 years of conditional use in moderate climates, the basic quality of the profile are within normal limits, but minor color changes are not visible to the naked eye! Is not this an excellent result! A somewhat different picture from the color window and door profiles. Practice shows that unprotected against weather surface fade in a few years. Most susceptible to fading windows and doors from PVC brown. For example, the production of a color profile KBE apply a protective layer which is glued on top. In some cases, applies a special acrylic lacquer painting. Another important factor in ensuring the longevity of color profiles are constructive activities outside ventilation chambers, where the temperature can reach high values, and the hot air to stagnate. With the positive issues with venting the outer chamber and the outer layer of protection from fading, lifetime color profile systems, as well as whites may be more than a decade, while maintaining all the performance!

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