Party Yes, Swine Flu No!

virtualnights launches nationwide information campaign for a germs and carefree night life Bussis for best friends, together sipping the drink: usually include the night life. But bypasses the swine flu. Thus protect any party-goers against infection and continues to worry the sow can let out, has called a nationwide information campaign launched the entertainment portal The team by virtualnights is live on the road every month on approximately 1,500 events in the nightlife and comes to every month with over 1 million people in touch. What was intended as internal information for more employees rushing weekend after weekend in the night life, quickly became a big campaign for all clubbers. virtualnights, the number is one in terms of face-to-face contact in the night life.

Who, if not us, should thus start an action, which each party visitors gives helpful tips, may protect him against infection? “, explains managing director Kai Brokelmeier. A million flyers were printed, marketed by the 550 popular photo Scouts at clubs and bars among the people. Sure, there are practical tips on how anyone can do something so that an expansion of the flu can be controlled. These include: several times in the evening hands wash, use disposable towels, forgo the welcome moments, alone to enjoy his drink, and more. Kai Brokelmeier: We want that all party-goers continue to celebrate hassle-free and no loss of the operators because that would be the guests feel unsure. That’s why it is important, that some things when going out are observed.” To reach as many night out joyful people, the flyer campaign is online on supported virtualnights with wallpapers, info pages, and newsletters. More information: go/no swine

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