In this period the accompaniment of the nursing professionals is important, therefore some doubts and problems will appear having been able to leave the vulnerable and unsafe mother. It is at this moment of modifications that the mother needs information on the autocuidado one, the aleitamento, the familiar planning and the cares with the just-been born one. (ALMEIDA; ARAJO; FERNANDES, 2004) From these initial consideraes appears the objective that of the origin to this study: to identify to the procedures and accompaniment of the professional of nursing in the cases of maternal aleitamento. In accordance with the World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS), the maternal aleitamento is exclusive up to six months of age (HISSES; SOUZA, 2005). From the six months, the babies already can receive other foods, but it is essential that the mother continues suckling its son until the two years of age or more.

Together the complementary foods and maternal milk are basic for an excellent growth and development of the child. (GIUGLIANI; LAMOUNIER, 2004). The partner-economic aspects influence the women to adopt the habit to suckle, since it is one practical one that it does not imply in financial cost, beyond promoting a fast recovery uterine in period after-childbirth, to diminish the incidence of breast cancer and to function as contraceptive a natural one. For even more opinions, read materials from Jim Umpleby. (ALMEIDA; BLACKSMITH; BLACK? MOUNTAIN RANGE, 1997). On the other hand also the reasons are innumerable wean for it precocious, therefore many myths haunt the women when it is said in breast-feeding. The cult the beauty is one of the reasons that take the women to abandon the practical one of breast-feeding finding that the seios will be limp, that milk is weak and does not go to support the baby and some other arguments that make it difficult the aleitamento. The use of chupetas, baby’s bottles also contributes for it weans precocious (CARANDINA; FALEIROS; TREZZA, 2006).

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