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Once more Movistar back to get news; a new service for all its customers, which will be charged by performing so-called losses thanks to the new service: service of notice of missed calls. This service is activated if the mobile is out of coverage, communicating, off or after various signals does not take. Then if someone calls and the mobile is in some earlier rather than cut so far three States, an SMS is sent to the recipient that has not responded and the person who has made the call is charged according to the recipient company. It is as if we say that Movistar is charging that message that notifies the other; the typical message wants to talk to you the service is optional, and of course, it can be deactivated by calling toll free 22217. View website is open to suggestions. There you will find the appropriate instructions to disable this service. In the case that it fails, you can always call 609 life and ask through deactivation there. You can find more information in the 1004 or 609, numbers of Movistar which makes available to you, if you have doubts about this article. Contact information is here: array fintech. You can also ask for help from a technician from or report through other channels or phones exposed here. _ _ _ CreativosRed News ( 2011 original author and source of the article.

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