May Restaurateurs Expectations Were Not Justified

May holidays are always a key in the spring period the restaurant business. The question is whether to rub his hands restaurateurs who have already counted the possible profits? At the end of last year in the sec "Cuba" opened Asian cuisine restaurant Wok-cafe. This restaurant is owned by the Ural dumplings "and according to ceo Andrew Lebedev, in this project was invested 20 million rubles. Wok-cafe was be the first restaurant in Chelyabinsk, in which would be represented by three main varieties of cuisines in the Asia-Pacific – Chinese, Japanese and Thai. Rate, apparently, was made on the popularity of exoticism of this type, on the whole territory of Russia. Moreover, Ural Pelmeni "planned to open in the SEC" Cuba "entertainment area in which structure will include a large food court (ravioli, bistros, fast food). In development this zone the company "Ural dumplings has invested about 50 million rubles. What is most interesting for the analysts of the company (the second half of last year), these investments have been fully repaid in within 2 years if the average check at the food court at 150 rubles. At the moment the restaurant Wok-cafe works, though, according to some customers institution, the kitchen leaves much to be desired, particularly Thai cuisine is clearly not up to authentic Thai cuisine, and frankly, the availability of food is Thai food at the institution under a big question. It is clear that the trends in a given direction of the previously affected by the crisis and declared earlier intentions can go away. Entertainment zone and running – the only question is how many people from the plan by analysts the company "Ural Pelmeni" of her visit? Ordinary profit companies engaged in similar projects in Russia is about 30% of the average check visitor. Hence, if the average bill is 150 rubles in my pocket "Ural Tortellini" is 45 rubles. On this basis, this entertainment complex with its Dumplings, cafes and fast food must attend monthly about 50000 people. A lot or a little? Let us, together we make a simple calculation. In Chelyabinsk, the population of one million people, immigrants do not count as post-crisis many residents of not enough money to travel to Chelyabinsk, not to mention the entertainment centers. Now, from the said one million people will remove retirees, families in which at least one family member has been exposed to the reduction (in work) and infants. Remains the order of 300 thousand, or 75,000 households (assuming 4 people in the family). It turns out that each family once every two months should spend money in the entertainment complex trk "Cuba", which is absurd. Of course the company "Ural Pelmeni" You can go the other way – to make allowance trading much higher 30% than not the way out? Answer to the question whether this visit a restaurant and entertainment center Chelyabinsk, everyone should give themselves. May indeed in time of crisis should tighten the belt tighter and moderate their secondary waste? And maybe to many owners of restaurants in Chelyabinsk is restrain their appetites and begin to take an example from the U.S. or England restaurateurs who go to meet the most average person? When conducting a public opinion poll, most people interviewed are inclined to think of May holidays in nature with friends. As they say it is much cheaper than visiting some restaurants and cafes in Chelyabinsk, and fellowship in nature in a close circle of friends or relatives do not compare to sitting restaurant.

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