If the ladies with cellulite brush aside all the environmental and genetically modified foods, they are naturally partially right, but not only this is the reason. And in the last century, when the universe was overcome with greenery and purity, and chemists have fought over the creation of an elixir of life, cellulite often take root on the bodies of women. Cellulite has been, but this name had not been, the definition came much later. The term cellulite or earlier called him – Lipodystrophy, discovered in the XIX century. However, the popularity of this term came in 1976 when a cosmetic company had to urgently come up with than to fight. Even now held discussions about what constitutes cellulite, cosmetic defect or disease, or even normal skin condition. In the past, dropped the folds of skin on the tummy, hips bumps on not viewed as something scary and icky. For more specific information, check out Electrolux. Many painters wrote their own masterpieces and really stood out like lumpy legs and bellies posing models, and no one can not experience on this occasion.

All this is true, but let's remember the clothes ever since – ladies corset, legs, and then above that covered 10 skirts. Bathed in the ladies shirts or special suits for swimming, which expose only the hands, head and legs from the knees. The marriage debt was carried out in the dark. Briefly, then enjoy their charms could only their bearer, the ladies were busy on the neck (the deepest cleavage in fashion) and the little face, because it they do not have the opportunity to hide in her dress, and the state with all that was below more complicated by the waist and blood circulation by squeezing the corset. Confirmed, though adipotsyty grow in an episode of puberty girls – the deposition of fat means that the body is ready to face the pregnancy, and pregnancy and subsequent breastfeeding.

Of course, the adipocytes must exist under the top layer of skin, but relax and allow the cells to grow to the size of hundreds of plums – maybe not the most the right decision. To say that women can not be lazy, because it not they fight for equality: the power, financial independence, the head of the family, although my personal opinion – the woman should keep a family home, raise children. And then gives birth, then brings up the grandmother or nanny, and then complain that the child is not such as we had imagined, this is another topic for discussion. In short – she is not weak and can easily cope with them. Want to lose a few pounds, go for it. Do not eat after six in the evening – this is mandatory, drink lots of water, limit your intake of salt and sugar in the diet enter the vegetables and remove the pastry. Take anti-cellulite massage, not only that anti-cellulite massage certainly help you become slimmer, so more and raise the vitality – the lazy charge. It may consist of several different types: lymphatic drainage, manual, vacuum, honey. Select special exercises that aim to reduce fat mass and involve it in your problem areas. Of course if you want to lose weight without making efforts to this effect will be small, but if you take seriously, the result will not be long in coming. Willpower and you do not stop halfway.

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