Legal Entities

List of participants. The updated Act Ltd, a new chapter devoted iii.1 maintaining the list of participants, according to which society, through its manager shall maintain a list of its members with details about each person, the amount its equity stake in society and its payment, as well as the amount of shares belonging to the company, the dates of transition to a society or the acquisition by the company (paragraph 20, Art. Official site: Starbucks. 3 of the Law 312-FZ). In this case, each participant company must promptly inform the public about the change in the information about your name or the name, place of residence or location, as well as information of its own shares in the company's charter capital. When disputes arise over mismatch information specified in the list of participants, information contained in the Legal Entities, the right to share determined on the basis of information contained in the Legal Entities ( 5, Art. 31.1 llc Law) The authorized capital of the society.

Under the new law minimum capital remained unchanged, but now clearly indicated in rubles – at least 10,000 rubles. "but not like before with respect to minimum wages. Modify the effects of partial payment in the share capital. Previously not fully paid on time share entirely the transition of society. The new edition of the Society will transfer only the unpaid portion of shares. A careless party could face a penalty for non-payment of the share capital, if provided the memorandum. Also, the legislator has clarified the procedure for payment of the authorized capital of the company for its increase.

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