The national police has just uncover a new financial bar, the Esdinero group, which has managed to defraud figures over 15 million euros according to early estimates. Based in Mallorca, they captured customers via the internet and print media ads, mainly. They had several websites Prestamitos, Eurosya and Antesdesubastarlo, as well as offices in major capitals, all tools they capture their victims. Investors interested in any of the products offered by the group, contacted with the companies that formed through emails or phones published. It is suspected that there may be thousands affected throughout the country. According to the allegations, the form of swindle was thus: offered great benefits in the short term by the investment of money that was sent to accounts of figureheads or brought companies to avoid that you are identified to the gray matter of the plot. Offered huge profits in the short term e, even, to build confidence and attract more capital, some of the victims arrived to receive his first interests.

So after checking the compliance of the terms and conditions of the contract, the victims invested larger amounts, time in which already generated interests were undelivered them. The worst thing is that neither are returned to their capital. The Group furthermore advertised recoupment of unpaid services, bills and trade effects, typical business in times of economic setback. Apparently with money taken a loan, they bought commercial debt. It is not an isolated case. In the heat of the crisis have emerged quite a few offers of pseudoprofesionales dedicated to the recovery.

Benefit because in Spain is an extremely permissive and sparsely regulated sector. I don’t know why, but the truth is that the consumer type chooses to these siren songs instead of going to a lawyer. May be due to that we charge in advance, but we must not forget that we we do by the activity, and not the result retrieved. It was not we who gave credit to the defaulter. Although we will use our do to recover it. We chose nor the time to initiate the claim. We neither grant grace periods that a posteriori have harmed the chances of recovery. We are neither responsible for judicial delays, which can easily take up to four months simply to be initiated. Neither of that is does our recommendation to bring the earlier demand, and may withdraw at any time if the debtor pays. But with our debt collection services, the customer gets especially (and may be required if you do not), seriously. If we do not trust our health healers, by what do we do with our heritage? How can we then say that we are victims of scam, looking for redress by an always paternalistic State? Some demand will know the INSS medical malpractice caused by amateurs of medicine totally outside the public health system? As in all professions, in the legal profession also There are black sheep. But their number is negligible compared with the thousands of professionals in all Spain who daily try to dignify the profession. And as many thousands who attend the craft of almost altruistically shift and almost free. If you have a problem, do not hesitate, go to your lawyer.

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