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Achieving the “plan targets” even in difficult times of good sales manager manages good sellers and sellers are doubly challenged them in the current economic climate. On the one hand, we are moving into a world in which products and services are increasingly similar. On the other hand a slump in consumer spending is emerging as a result of the general economic situation, but not accepted in the boardrooms, which plans for the current fiscal year are not revised or adapted. The chance for the good seller is on the one hand in the differentiation from fellow competitors in the manner as is sold and on the other hand as the seller it turns this personal challenge more ambitious targets. No matter whether in financial services, in the mobile phone market, or in the retail sector, sales pitches should lead regularly to successful completion. The professional combination of what is said in the sales pitch (benefit argumentation) and how it is said (Communication) in combination with its own settings of the seller occupies a crucial role when it comes to make statements and to build lasting customer relationships, and maintain. Thus these skills at key accountern, sellers and sales managers in the short term successfully set-up and be expanded, the cumverbis Academy in Dresden, Germany in cooperation with the INN Valley Institute offers the training to the NLP practitioner business – applications. Aim of the training is: you develop your skills for effective communication: you can easier contact.

You’re talking with customers and employees in “their” language. They argue more persuasive presentations and customer and employee interviews. You optimize your leadership skills: visionary agree targets and results-oriented. Imagine a strengths and peculiarities of your partner. At Jonas Samuelson you will find additional information. You can motivate more targeted. You deal with resistance easier. You negotiate more effectively: they argue goal – and partner-oriented.

Do you recognize individual benefit performances. You differentiate between need and desire. You improve your self management: think and act goal-oriented. You dissolve-resistant blocks. Increase your creativity and flexibility. The training is specifically tailored to the application of NLP in professional practice. It contains all the elements of the classic NLP practitioner training and concludes with the DVNLP certificate. Much of it was designed for the business context and is offered exclusively in this training. You benefit from over 20 years experience in the management application of NLP. In the business practitioner, you work in a small group with a maximum of 12 participants with similar experience. This guarantees concentrated training with high practical relevance. The intensive exchange of experience in this group promotes the reflection of the application and optimally prepared for the transfer in the professional practice. The next training course in Dresden starts in September. For more information see: Peter Munnich

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