Help Inflammation To Heal Faster

Inflammation is a violent defensive reaction of the body and are characterized by redness, swelling and pain of the affected area. The body responds with inflammation when tissue is attacked, such as by an injury to the skin or by bacteria in the gastric mucosa. Since the affected area will be more blood, penetrates the blood fluid from the veins into the tissue and it comes to the typical symptoms of inflammation. There are different triggers of inflammation. You can, for example by injury () mechanically conditioned, bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi (infectious condition), responses of the immune system (immune mediated), X-rays (radiation induced), acids or alkalis (chemically determined) and by UV light be triggered (sunburn). It also distinguishes between acute and chronic inflammations. Thus, acute reactions leave no tissue damage, and disappear quickly (eg a finger swelling, if you have cut herself).chronic reactions develop) is usually slow and unnoticed (such as in a gastritis. However, it can develop from an acute inflammation and chronic.

The body's own immune system can stop the inflammation, then no longer, because too many agents have infiltrated into the wound. You can do this if you can refrain from taking pain killers do not take pills, the additional anti-inflammatory effect, such as paracetamol, ibuprofen or aspirin. Also an enzyme therapy with Wobenzym helps relieve inflammation. Since Wobenzym accelerates the inflammatory process, thereby alleviating the pain and swelling. colds and wounds are the most common infections colds: cold viruses first infect the nose and throat and penetrate into it then into the bronchi. Typical symptoms of a cold are runny nose, cough, fatigue and fever. To get any other possible infections (such as sinusitis) that shouldwhole body is kept warm and be inhaled with anti-inflammatory herbs such as chamomile or sage.

Drink a lot and rub your chest with a cold, eucalyptus balm and thyme, because it has antibacterial and expectorant. In addition, lozenges with Irish moss contribute disinfectant and calming the neck. Wounds: The wounds can easily and simply cause the germs to penetrate then inflammation. If errors occur during large wounds after about 24 hours pain, swelling, redness and throbbing, you should see a doctor. Let bleeding wounds, however small, and they rinse off with clean water. Spray glue the wound with antiseptic solution and then a plaster on. Larger abrasions, as after a fall on his knees, but may not be covered, because otherwise they would be wet.

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