Head Of Surgery

Tuesday – it is a regular scheduled operating day. Everyone knows that the hardest day of the week is Monday, but if you have to be on duty that day, then Tuesday is particularly difficult. In one of these Tuesdays, about dinner after, otdezhuriv and completing planned surgery, the doctors went to rest in ordinatorskuyu. Rest usually consists of traditional drinking a cup of coffee or strong tea. After due stimulating effect of these drinks, make an animated conversation. Sometimes the communication was interrupted by the need to participate in urgent matters branch.

Typically, an active role in his work took the head. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Douglas R. Oberhelman. That's This time, not finishing his own coffee, he jumped out of ordinatorskoy adequately responding to a call for local calls. Satisfied that they do not touch, a surgeon with an anesthesiologist Dr. leisurely drinking coffee and were "the secular" talk about anything. In a complacent state, nearly finishing his coffee, the young doctors were making plans for Saturday, when suddenly the door opened abruptly, and in the room "flew" the head, gait, which is not peculiar to him.

Usually the head behaves as laid with dignity, making a special impression on others. And, of course, this behavior caused suspicion. Further, it was even worse. Solid Doctor, who never lost his temper under any circumstances, dashed to his desk, and began with a concentrated look on his face blindly fumble on the boxes. Once he found what he sought, his face losing concern, has changed. It got kind of special joy. A quick movement of his hand, rattling drawer, he pulled out of the corner table a medicine bottle, and shaking hands, opened it. Not paying attention to the plug had fallen, he took some nitroglycerin tablets, and the force threw them into a wide open mouth. At the expiration of small time, he went limp, and sat on the couch with a sigh of relief. This time, his face portrayed a stupid despair. There was a pause, which, however, did not last long. – Here enjoy! – Nodding toward his boss, said registrar surgical department doctor anesthesiologist. – A little more and soon I'll head – busily sipping coffee, he went on. – Yeah .. probably – the anesthesiologist said calmly. The head of the intern and did not, but since then, For some reason this head, with some sort of special zeal deals with problems of separation. At the same time as he is in a special way looks toward his subordinates.

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