Formalized Description Of Business Processes – A Necessary Condition

Sooner or later, but the leadership of any enterprise, economic activity which requires the use of the work of many dozens or even hundreds of staff, comes to the idea of an integrated automated system. Then follows one of three options: search by 'appropriate' software system, the purchase of certain modules of the system and process of their implementation; searched for 'suitable' company, which designs software systems, it is a contract and begin the process of development and implementation of 'customized'; searched for experts in the field of programming, taking them on job creation and in their capacity as employees 'their' information system. Of course, there are precedents for the layout of the scenario. However, most often, the problem, after all, is not solved. This is a consequence of objectively the problems the process of creating a comprehensive automated system, which we will try to reveal and show their solutions in this article. For a start we formulate simple questions and give answers to them.

WHO NEEDS INTEGRATED AUTOMATION CONTROL COMPANY? Integrated automation control companies need a person who is interested in increasing profits by improving the effectiveness of management decisions. That is, this person may be either co-owner of the enterprise or MANAGER senior management whose earnings depends on the profitability of the enterprise. We shall call such face head (not to be confused with the head of the middle and lower level managers, whose interest is primarily moral and ethical character.) WHAT NEEDS TO GET ON THE AUTOMATED SYSTEMS RUKODITELYU? To improve management decisions leader must, in its simplest form: the supply of money to plan and plan production activities and plan costs. That is, the person interested in increasing profits, feels the need to automate the management accounting. At the same time, more enterprise, the higher the requirements for the degree of automation of management accounting (Budgeting of responsibility centers, prediction and evaluation of the costs of activities, building a balanced business performance and calculation of quantitative expression, etc.).

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