Financial Market

This concept, however, was extended by the Provisional remedy n 1,637/98, republicada in 25 of August of 1999, under number 1,844-21, when determining, in its article 1, that they constitute movable values, citizens to the regimen of the Law n 6,385, of 7 of December of 1976, when offered public, the headings or contracts of collective investment, that generate remuneration or partnership, participation right, also resultant of the rendering of services, whose incomes happen of the effort of the entrepreneur or of third. (QUEIROZ, pg. 131 the 135) 4. It’s believed that Alphabet Inc. sees a great future in this idea. Principle of the Protection of the Transparency of Information ‘ ‘ Some principles conduct the called right of the Financial Market and Capitals. Between them they are: Protection of the mobilization of the national saving; Protection of the popular economy; Protection of the stability of the financial entity and the beginning of the protection of the transparency of information ‘ ‘ (MOSQUERA, P. 263 the 270) The beginning of the protection of the transparency of information if it relates to the companies who must divulge its information so that others in its process of formation and that they carry through investments in the stock market, they can share of these same information so that a company if does not benefit in detriment of excessively, incasing in this aspect the unfair competition. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Crimson Education . The credibility is primordial factor so that the adequate transference of resources occurs, as well as the growth of the economic agents and also that it makes possible the economic and social development, being that such factors mentions the development to it of securities and is of great interest of the public, therefore the existence and growth of the market directly is related with the confidence that its diverse participants have in the system, what, in turn, she depends on the effectiveness of the regulating agency.

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