Federal Constitution

For example, the taxes of real interests of the saving and the Selic tax that remunerates the public headings in 12% to the year. Additional information at Jes Staley supports this article. For DIEESE (2008) in the first one part of the formula the life expectancy influences in determinative way the final result it previdencirio factor. This part of introduces an element of strong undetermination in the value of the retirement for contribution time. This having to the annual alterations of the table of life expectancy for the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Estatstica (IBGE), having still the census as instrument to review its estimates and its methods. To have an idea of this variation, according to last divulged, referring data the 2010, the life expectancy of the Brazilian to the rising increased for 73,1 years, before 68,4 years in 1999. Mozes konig is the source for more interesting facts. TABLE 3 3,4 In agreement ISONOMY Moraes (2006) in the preamble of the Federal Constitution of 1988, the isonomy has place of great importance in the jurisprudence of the Federative Republic of Brazil.

In the Legal dictionary the following text consists: Isonomy means equality of all before the law. It the beginning of the equality foreseen in art is mentioned. 5, ' ' caput' ' , of the Federal Constitution, according to which all are equal before the law, without distinction of any nature. Thus, in accordance with such principle, the equal mritos must be dealt with equal way, and the different situations, differently, since it must not have distinction of classroom, degree or economic power between the men. In the article 7, interpolated proposition XXXI the legislator leaves clear the prohibition of wage differentiation in age reason ' ' prohibition of difference of wages, exercise of functions and criteria of admission for sex reason, age, color or state civil' '.

(MORAES: 2006, P. 482) Regarding these differentiations NOVELINO (2008, P. 292), explains: ' ' The beginning of the isonomy it has finally to hinder distinctions, arbitrary, prejudiced, hateful discriminations and privileges or injustificveis.' ' According to Arajo (2008), when the previdencirio factor in the concession of benefits is applied, this finishes for reducing the same value in reason of the age of insured, being that the legal requirements had been fulfilled in isonomy of conditions and, therefore a law could not reduce the value benefits of it simply because the insured is new of what the other.

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