Emotional Intelligence

Each emotion indicates something to us. For a leader he is crucial to learn to detect them and to interpret them reason why next I share with you six basic emotions. 1. Anger/wrath Its function is dotarte of sufficient energy so that you conduct vigorous battles that help you to surpass obstacles and difficulties. If you are a leader who gets angry enough with frequency or you are regularly iracundo, he means that you around perceive your full one of impediments, hindrances, annoyances and obstructions. Recommendation: he is not bad to get angry from time to time, but of regular way it happens to you, then you must learn to flow with the process of the life. The obstacles are not a hindrance: they help perfeccionarte. It learns to take the adversity like your teacher or to sharpen your abilities of leadership if you see the people like impediments to obtain what you look for or if they do not evolve under the standards that you wish.

Result: your leadership will reflect a greater balance and you will release of your life a great boosting charge of stress and tension that do not help your health. 2. Fear/prepares You to Insecurity stops to face a threat. There are real threats: if they warn to you that your office is catching fire, to this it will prepare you emotion to flee. But when the means are out of proportion to speak in public or to make an appointment of sales, to put two examples, it means that you see same inferior against the challenges or problems.

Or that the consequences of a decision which you take surpass your perceived capacity to be able to handle suitably them. And as effect you stay out, or worse still, you become paralyzed falling in the inaction. Recommendation: it works with your self-esteem.

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