Elena Semenova

Some manufacturers offer a special system for child rooms, as well as burglar accessories. How is ventilation? You can adjust the flow of fresh air simply by opening the sash, but many companies offer a set for airing Special devices. Inlet valve is able to regulate the volume of air depending on the humidity of the room. Please visit Andreessen Horowitz if you seek more information. Device mikroschelevogo ventilation provides a small gap between the frame and sash for continued access of air into the room. Stretch ceilings Stretch ceiling – "hit sales in recent years. "Tips" associated with their purchase, gives an interior designer Elena Semenova. So, ask the seller: What type of fabrics used? Today, manufacturers are using two materials: the rubberized fabric and pvc film. First, due to the greater width of cloth (3-5 meters), has an important advantage – the absence of a ceiling on the finished joint.

Dimensions pvc film – from 1,5 to 2,5 meters. This leads to the need to weld together two canvases. The disadvantage of seamless ceiling is that in the event of flooding, he can break out of the profile and set it back would have just impossible. Caterpillar may find it difficult to be quoted properly. pvc film is elastic and can withstand up to 100 liters of water per square meter. What is the texture of the ceiling, you can choose? Most wanted: matte, satin and lacquer. Matte for a slightly rough surface mimic whitewashed ceiling. Satin like a painted ceiling and has a completely smooth surface. Lacquered texture due to the mirror surface allows you to visually increase the ceiling height.

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