You will be a work of imagination (imagination = put the images in action). 2. Choose a comfortable, quiet place to do so. It may be somewhere in your house, perhaps somewhere else you know that nobody will bother you. Reserve 30 minutes to 1 hour to be with yourself to work in this design. The duration can vary from person to person. For some it will be hard to concentrate, start thinking for the first time in these questions, however for others it may be easier. Date time.

It all depends on your decision, choice, desire, focus and context in which you are. I recommend you take a few minutes before starting to write to breathe and relax your mind while listening to some soft background music. 3. For granted and part of the idea that you can have and achieve anything they want in this DESIGN YOUR IDEAL DAY. Have a thought that everything is easy and nothing is a problem.

Imagine what would be your way of thinking and where you direct. What would you be feeling? What would you be thrilled? Pretend THIS IS YOUR LIFE and that you are living. 4. Please answer questions 1-1 then you gift. Take the time you need to answer each one of them. Please note the following areas of your life when the answer: family, couple, friendship, leisure and hobbies, money and finance, work and profession … etc. Where and what time you wake up? Who do you imagine that you would find? Where in would live? I want you to visualize exactly in detail.

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