If all charges Customer withdrawn or settled – it is necessary to submit supporting documents. Is it possible to draw in Kiev passport with a temporary residence permit? Of course you can. The main thing is to get the passport was held before the end of temporary registration. Can I travel on the passport, which listed the maiden name? This document must be exchanged for a new name, because you have difficulty obtaining visas at the consulates. At border visa-free countries such as Turkey, Egypt, your problems will not arise. Can I get an adult passport for my son, who 17, 5 years? If your child into adulthood remains to half a year or less, and he needs to go abroad for education or training – are allowed to issue a passport in advance. To do this, place a statement by a notary from both parents with a request for early registration with indicating the reasons for going abroad + provide a birth certificate.

How to make the travel document of a child if the mother and father are divorced and can not provide notarized authorization from one of the parents. If the spouses are divorced more than 6 months and the child is living with his mother, for example – is enough to make the above documents certificate of divorce and parents to take the housing office to help F-3, confirming that the child lives with his mother. On the basis of notarial permission from the pope did not need it. In the passport photo glued to a child 6 years of age. Now he is 12. Do I need to paste in another photo? Procedure processing of travel documents are not provided for the pasting of photographs of children by age. Enough photos of the child at 6 years of age. 2006 TA 'Darius'

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