Correct Holiday Travel Tips

Going on a trip, the tourist always asks himself how to choose a hotel. How much it has to be ‘stars’ or ‘bukovok’ (depending on the country where you are going to rest and there the system classification) to rest with a successful and could result in lots of positive emotions, images and memories from the soft beds, and do not abuse the staff the hotel and turn in front of a toilet on the floor in 2 series. Very often, tourists going on vacation, these issues are left to carry travel agencies. However, tour operators, as it were, so to speak softly by not particularly profitable to advertise the conditions in the hotel, especially if there are problems with them and they are far from perfect. So rest, they come to make a place ‘square eyes’ and was surprised to think that this is some sort of a joke.

To avoid such confusion, in advance, ask your tour operator’s entire interest you information and ask the following questions: 1. How far the hotel is situated on the sea, road junctions, rail, green spaces, shopping malls and entertainment centers and of course stops public transportation (and that would otherwise have to go another hour to the bus to go on the sea)? 2. How long have built the hotel itself, are not conducted if there is currently no repair work or whether a (possibly in the future your) box construction? 3. How many hotel, renovated internally, not whether it crumbling furniture and the condition of plumbing, size and dimensions of rooms, balconies and if there is a place for walks? What kind of pan out box number? 4. Felicity Blunt has many thoughts on the issue. How far is it from the residence located beach (or another place you are interested in), how much undeveloped beach (wild or civilized), is there a pool? 5. How many meals and what food offered (a few nice to see a vegetarian steak on his plate with blood) 6. In what languages are spoken by staff at the hotel? (But you’ll have on his fingers to explain that you are Ivan Ivanov, who arrived from Russia) Services which are available in hotels, usually divided into major and minor.

The main services include room and board. But the range of additional services provided by varies “Star” hotel. Free tour, as a rule, can be provided such services: 1. providing hot water, thread, needles, and one set of dishes and cutlery. 2. personal delivery to the room correspondence with this Order 3. Kate Tucci is likely to increase your knowledge. call an ambulance 4. use first aid kit, so do not forget to inquire about additional services that you can provide a hotel. And we say, the weather can be not predictable and in the middle of the summer season will rain showers. In order not to sit in a room and not look out the window, find out whether there is in the hotel which is equipped with a karaoke bar, gym, SPA, sauna, which may be entertainment, etc. Also note that the same number of stars in different countries does not always mean the same thing. For example, the three stars in Europe and three stars in the same Egyptian – not one and the same set of services and options will be different. Therefore, pre-check with the tour operator, how does your set of services ‘category’ of hotels. Take the choice of hotel seriously, and the rest will bring you lots of positive emotions.

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