Convert Subscribers

If your capture page is not properly optimized, all the email marketing process fails, and this makes it difficult, if not impossible, to the growth of your list. (More underwriters = more sales) To convert more visitors into subscribers the first thing you have to do is use a headline that will tempt, a video that will attract and a persuasive message. A strategy that not many use and helps optimize your email marketing circuit and increase subscribers, is the make two pages capture with minor differences. Why? It’s very simple: in this way you will know through statistics, what page capture that converts more and you can choose to work with her, and so have more subscribers. Also, remember always periodically testing each part of the process of email marketing system. We must first be clear which will be the goal of the page capture: to) create a new list of subscribers.

(b) increase the already existing list of subscribers. (c) renew inactive subscribers. If you are already you have defined the goal, then what you should do is to start testing. If your goal is to create a completely new list of subscribers, please note these variables that can not miss on the page capture: 1. relevance, should be multiplied by these other variables: proposal, incentive. There are also variables negative which are which are subtracted to balance the equation, are those affecting psychologically visitor causing friction. I recommend that you review and verify your pages already existing capture, is likely that any of these variables is not well optimized or is not impementada. Recalls that first should be a goal, then we will measure results to know if we are approaching the goal. The best way to measure results is to test, then we will know if and what adjustments we need to implement.

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