Class Shopping

Objects along this street have high liquidity and are in high demand. Kalinin district is different in that its territory is much more proposals for the acquisition, while in the above areas dominated by proposals to lease commercial real estate. Perm Market retail space over the past three years has been one of the fastest growing segments of the Permian real estate market. To replace the old shopping sites such as shopping malls are gradually Contemporary sample. In the next two years at the Perm market there are at least 5 major shopping centers, which, according to experts, now have a significant impact on the retail market. An example of a successful implementation of the shopping center can be opened to admit one of the first shopping center "Family", which is now confidently holds the palm among malls downtown on store traffic buyers, and as a consequence of and demand among renters. "Family" – a four-story building with total area of 17,146 square meters. m, the rental rate which ranges from $ 350 up to 2040 per square meter. meter per year. If we compare the situation of local market with more developed capital city, it can be noted: while the rental of retail space in the premises of Class B and C in general, costs are cheaper Permian tenants, lowest rents in the best shopping of Class A Perm slightly higher (approximately 5%), the maximum rental rate in category A in the capital markets than a perm rate of 40%.

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