Chief Financial Officer

CREATING value from the Finance Department (generate benefits: LA direction financial or the TREASURER) when a Chief Financial Officer or Treasurer, takes care of his Department, he faces perhaps the tedious task of being a tool to be used by the company, feeling that they have placed it as side-effects of the business, and even being sometimes the bureaucracy required and obligedparallel to the main activity of the business. Our proposal is that this can change radically, if we conceptualize our Department, as a generator Center for benefits, and that power and increases business opportunities. We propose to transform ourselves from pointer into the scene, necessary and important actor. Because. What is more important, money or have money… PLEASE!…

Financiers already know to make money, not necessarily equal to having money in the company. And when we say have, indicate not having in excess (idle money), but taking the minimum (JIT), have external financial credibility, to possess additional borrowing capacity. CHECK-LIST of concepts needed to start the transformation: A better financial image perceived by third objectify, manage and achieve reductions in financial costs objectify and achieve reductions in administrative costs establish real control over financial institutions encourage the continuing education of the staff achieve performance as a team, the Department determine the internal client, and the Protocol of their treatment enhance ownership and knowledge of related software and especially financial simulators. Innovate, a magic tool to see comments from the check-list, simply tell me your mail.

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