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Dispute: A new sow driven through the village? In the dispute of the Publisher this wonder whether at PMOs is a permanent body in everyday project by companies, or only to a further sow driven straight through the village. Norbert Walter, former Chief Economist of the Deutsche Bank, already in the foreword of the book gives a description of the village”: he constitutes to a development to more project economy, where companies maintain their competitiveness through successful project work. Would companies thus deserve more money, if it would professionalize their project management through the use of PMO? This can be quite as a theme of the PMO’s manual”to be understood. The book delivers on it of course neither a panacea nor a universal Guide. It is understood as a source of inspiration for an openness to change to the structural change and the personal change. It wants to show the reader new perspectives and motivate him to the own location.

PMO prove to be institutions that provide new methods and help to implement it permanently in this context. Manual project management office. Learn more on the subject from Doug Oberhelman. Ed. with PMO to the strategic management of the project landscape, by BOP Sandrino-Arndt, Rudiger L. Thomas and Lutz Becker, Dusseldorf 2010 (Symposion publishing, ISIN 978-3-939707-65-3). Information to the PMO manual on the Publisher’s website publishing book Vernissage Symposium within the framework of the PMO Symposium: project management software vendor talking about co-editor BOP Sandrino-Arndt more book reviews on the site can do,: Roland Ottmann, the naked ProjektManager Lutz Becker, John Ehrhardt and Walter Gora, project leadership and project management press contact: can do GmbH Christian Schneider head of press and public relations Salem 26 81371 Munich phone: + 49 (0) 89 / 512 65-101 Internet: E-Mail:

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